Hating One Direction

5 best friends do nothing more then Hate One Direction. Only their little sister share their love for them. When they are forced to go to a Meet and Greet, drama strikes. love breaks out. Hatred becomes more fierce.


5. Dinner and Games


Anthea’s POV


Once we saw them walk through the door, I motioned for them to sit at our table. The boys sat down one by one. Liam sat next to Jess; Harry next to Jess and I, Louis next to Alex and Niall sat across me. Harry and Zayn sat together avoiding Lauren and Felicity at all costs.


“Hey.” Niall said. “I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced, I’m Niall.” He offered his hand. I shook it. Zayn and Harry were in small talk, everyone else just talked with each other.


“I’m Anthea, An for short.” His eyes were mesmerizing. Lauren nudged me.


“Ann, I’m gonna go to the bathroom.” I nodded. She walked off, thank god Zayn didn’t notice. Thank you!


“So-” Louis started. “Why are you girls all dressed up? Did we miss something?”


“Well,” Felicity looked up from her phone, “1. When you have lunch with One Direction at a fancy restaurant, it’s necessary, 2. We have a party after this.”


“Which reminds me, you boys wanna come? I’m sure a hot boy band would pump up the party.” I added. They nodded. “Yay!”


Zayn got up to leave the table. He headed for the bathroom. Sweet Jesus. Please don’t do anything wrong Lauren!



Lauren’s POV


I got out of the stall and looked at myself in the mirror. I shook my head at the sight of myself. I reapplied my mascara and plopped it back in my purse. I opened the bathroom door to slip, great. I lost balance and fell on the floor, well, at least I thought I did. A pair of hands supported my waist. I hate these heels. I looked up to see Zayn. What was he doing here?! But I gotta hand it to him, he did save me, or my dress.


“Hey” I managed. “Thanks” He smiled. I returned the favour. He helped me to gain my balance. I looked in his eyes. They were pretty. He looked like he came out of the men’s. I grabbed his hand, I felt sparks between us. No Lauren! This is wrong! Didn’t Debria say he had a girlfriend? Merrie? Gregory? Oh well. I pulled him back towards the table. Soon, all the eyes on the table were on us.


Alex winked at me, I rolled my eyes. We sat back down. Anthea nudged me.

I already knew what she was going to say.


“No, we did not kiss, make out, get married or I got asked out.” She opened her mouth but closed it again, that’s what I thought. Is everyone here forgetting about Drew? Fortunately, Louis spoke up.


“Since all of us just met, lets get to know each other, we can go round in a circle.”


“Oh no. Not again! Sorry ladies, Lou always likes to play this game.” Harry groaned.


“That’s why you love me,” Louis said. The girls and I giggled.

“Ok” Felicity spoke up. “I’m Felicity, My favourite cousin is Lauren over there.” Pointing to me, “my favourite colour is Orange-”


“Me too!” Harry shouted. He winked at her. Aaw! She blushed.


“And I love to dance and act, practically everything in the performing arts.”


“You’re missing something…” I said, they all looked at me expectantly. “Singing!” they all turned to her. “Um… yea.” She blushed. “Cool” they said.


“My turn! I’m Louis James Tomlinson and I love carrots and stripes.” We all burst into laughter.








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