Hating One Direction

5 best friends do nothing more then Hate One Direction. Only their little sister share their love for them. When they are forced to go to a Meet and Greet, drama strikes. love breaks out. Hatred becomes more fierce.


1. Arriving in Hell.


Lauren’s POV:


“Can we? CAN WE?” begged my sister. She held a crumpled poster saying:


“Meet and Greet with One Direction”

“Havens Park 2-4 pm, 12th December”


“No, no and NOOOO!” I protested.


Why did my sister have to do this? She knows how much I hated One Direction. Even my mum wouldn’t take my side.


“Sweetie, can you please take her? I promised I’ll take her but something came up in New York.” She said pleadingly.

I had a long thought about it. Why does my mum have to have the most confusing job in the world? If she travels the world just to write a book, at least take my sister with her!


“Fine, as long as I can bring the girls.”



I grabbed my phone and dialed a number.




“Hey Fel!” I chirped. Felicity, my cousin.


“Ello! Why couldn’t you come yesterday?” I heard a voice that was fully recognizable.


“Hey Jess, babysitting Debria yesterday, sorry” Jess, the funny, boyish girl.


“Then come tonight to Jack’s party!” Anthea, the crazy.


“Maybe, what are you guys doing at 2-4 pm today?”


“Nothin, why?” Alex, the sweetest.


“I know how much we hate One Direction and all that, but I know our sister’s do, except for you Fel, obviously you have a brother. But can you guys take the pleasure by sharing the torture of going to a meet and greet with One Direction? You can take your sisters.”


I fell back on my bed and glanced at the clock. 12:38 pm. A while till hell.




“Ok” they said in unison.


“As long as we can visit Drew after!” I added.


“Definitely” Anthea said.


We were all best friends with a guy named Drew. Well, not me, he was my boyfriend, he didn’t have any guy friends and I found him interesting and cute, so yea. He was a geek/nerd but not a serious one. He didn’t wear glasses, he was hot, to me, and he only has us as friends. He was bullied a lot in school so I asked if he could join us. He was a great guy. We all met when I became best friends with Jess. We all went to the same school and then Drew joined Jess and I. Felicity, 1 year later, moved to my school and became best friends with Anthea and Alex, we then formed a group, simple.


Very. All of us had a lot in common, we were all 19 and under and we all HATED One Direction. Enough that we shot the life sized posters with nerf guns in public.

Good times, good times.


“Fine, meet you guys at Havens Park.”


“Bye!” they chirped.




I slammed my phone on my dock and it automatically played Nicki Minaj. I grabbed a towel and clothes and headed to the bathroom.



1:45 pm


I grabbed my sister’s hand and led her towards the elevator. I pressed the lobby button and stood there waiting while my sister fiddled with her One Direction shirt. I crossed my arms as she hummed a One Direction song that’s remains unknown to me but I hear everyday by passing her bedroom.


I walked out with my sister tugging at my hand. We trudged down the street as a few screaming girls headed our way. They ran as fast as they could towards the park holding some of the strangest things. Toy Story toys, bags of Nandos and weirdest of all, carrots. I looked at my sister and I could tell that’s she wanted to join in with the screaming girls.


“No.” I said sternly.


Her face turned into a dull look. Too bad, that’s what happens when you force me to take you to One Direction.


Once we arrived girl’s screams were filling my ears. I cringed at the sound. I looked around to see if I could spot the girls. Then, Isabelle walked up to me.


“Hey Lauren!” she was too cute.


“Hey Izzy, where’s Anthea and the girls?”


“C’mon” she said grabbing my free hand leading me towards an empty part of the park, well not completely empty.



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