3. The limo ride

We all climbed Into the limo and Nikki was squealing with excitement, literally. I rolled my eyes at her and leaned against the cool leather seats.
"So Natalie tell me about yourself." Zayn smiled wrapping his arm around my shoulders. I unwrapped his arm, "Im 17, I live with my aunt and uncle and Nikki. Our parents passed away in 2010 right before y'all became a band." Nikki had her head hung with her eyes closed. "She watched X-factor one day and saw Simon put y'all together and she fell in love with y'all." Harry and Liam hugged Nikki and both said, "Awwwww."
I watched her blush as they boys tickled her besides Zayn he was flirting with me, "You're beautiful, Nat."
I rolled my eyes, "It's Natalie and thanks, Mr. Malik."
Zayn sighed, "Do you not like me? I mean you have a shirt that says you do!"
"I don't date superstars."
"I promise I wouldn't let any fame hurt you."
"Sorry, Zayn, you aren't my type."
"OHHHH! Do you need some ice with that burn???" Niall laughed. Zayn looked out the window, "Shut up, Niall."
I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms, then the limo door opened.
"Ladies first, loves." Liam smiled. Me and Nikki got out both of us blushing. They boys got out and together we walked into the hotel and up to the pint house.
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