2. A little talk

Chapter 2
We walked into their dressing room and Zayn sat on the couch, "Will you sit with me?" I slowly sat beside him. He ran a hand through his blonde and black hair and looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes, "Why?"
Why, the question I hear the most. Why do I cut, why do I starve myself, why do I make myself throw up.. Why...
I looked down, "I don't know." He took my bandaged wrists In his hands. "You're beautiful, why do you do this?"
"You wouldn't understand."
"Explain it to me over dinner at the hotel tonight with the boys, you can bring Nikki."
"Im just some charity case, Mr. Malik."
He laughed, "Mr. Malik is my father, I'm Zayn, and I didn't say you were a charity, I was just simply asking you to come to dinner. Nikki would love it. We'll even take you there right now. In our limo."
"fine, but it's just for Nikki not for you." I stood up and walked out of the room and to where Nikki and the others were.
Nikki was sitting between Harry and Niall and they were all talking.
"Good news, mates, Nikki and.." Zayn trailed off "Natalie." I added. "right, Nikki and Natalie are coming to the hotel for dinner tonight!"
Nikki squealed and looked at me, "Really, Nat?"
I smiled at seeing my sister happy, "Yes, Nik."
After my parents died me and Nikki went into depression. A few years ago Nikki started watching X-factor which is where she fell in love with one direction. Honestly one direction saved my sister's life.
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