The Game

"Let's play a game," he whispered softly, while lifting my chin and forceing me to look into his sparkling amber eyes. His lips brushed mine gently. I tried to push him away. To run, but I was stuck. "What do you want from me Zayn?" I asked. "Just play Brianna," he pleded. I nodded reluctantly. He smiled a devious smile, and I instantly knew I was screwed.

There's life. There's death. And then theres the game.


2. Zayn's place

I awoke in Zayn's bedroom. It looked like a cheep hotel room.  The bed spread was a tacky print, and the pellows were flat with cheep looking white pellow cases. He had a small sink, and a tiny bathroom near his door. He had a tv. One of those kinda big kinda small ones that have weird channel numbers. Zayn wasn't anywhere in the room.

I started to stand up when I realized I was tied to a very uncomfotable chair. "Zayn!" I yelled.

I noticed my phone on the table. 3 unread text, all from Liam. I tried to get to it, but I couldn't reach it.

"ZAYN!" I yelled, louder then before.

He came running into the room.

"Brianna! What the heck!" Zayn said quietly as he entered the room.

"Where were you!" I countered.

"I was in the hallway talking to Harry and Josh!" Zayn said.

"Why are they here?" I ask.

"They brought their girlfriends," Zayn said. I was right. We are in a hotel.

"Also, why am I tied to this chair?" I ask. In retrospect I probley should have asked that first.

"Because," Zayn said as he came close to me.

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