The Game

"Let's play a game," he whispered softly, while lifting my chin and forceing me to look into his sparkling amber eyes. His lips brushed mine gently. I tried to push him away. To run, but I was stuck. "What do you want from me Zayn?" I asked. "Just play Brianna," he pleded. I nodded reluctantly. He smiled a devious smile, and I instantly knew I was screwed.

There's life. There's death. And then theres the game.


4. Wakeing up

Where am I? It's so dark here. I try to open my eyes but I guess it's just not happening.

"Bri? Oh my god Bri! Please wake up!" a familiar voice said, grabing my hand.

"Liam?" I asked my eyes slowly opening. "What happened?"

"Zayn," Liam said. Then he looked me in the eyes. "Don't trust him anymore. He's insane!"

I nodded, then hugged him. "How long was I out?"

"Three days." Liam said.

"Woah!" I said shocked.

"I warned you Brianna," Liam says sounding distant.

"Yeah you did. So what'd I miss at prom?" I ask noticeing his black eye. Niall must have done that. I wasn't as drunk as I thought.

"Well Niall saw you danceing with me and it made him super mad. As you were leaveing he punched me in the face and gave me this black eye. He really likes you Brianna. He dumpped Ginger because he wanted to get you back. And Niall left right after he punched me to go find you. I followed him to tell him where you were going." Liam said.

"What did he say when you told him?" I asked.

"He got really mad. Then he hugged me. Said he was really sorry for punching me and now he realizes why Zayn told him that you were dating me and him. He also said that I should tell you not to trust him. I texted you three times to get out of there and I called twice. But I was too late. When you weren't home at 6 this morning I called Niall. He told me what hotel he hangs out at so I went there. Harry was in the lobby and I asked where Zayn's room was. He led me there and I knocked. No one answered so I kicked the door open. You were laying on the bed unconcious, surounded by blood. Zayn was no where to be found. I called the cops." he said. He didn't seem to happy about any of it.

"Thanks Liam. You're a great friend for coming to find me," I said. "But why was I surrounded by blood?"

"Brianna, why don't you get it! Zayn almost killed you. The punch bowl wasn't spiked, your cup was spiked. With a drug that made you pass out within like two hours. That's why he was in such a hurry to get you out of there. He cut your arm open. If I hadn't gotten there sooner you would be dead!" Liam said anger growing in his eyes.

"I.. I didn't know Liam." I whispered. Liam's eyes softened.

I huged him. "I love you Liam."

"I love you too Brianna"

I layed back in the bed and smiled at him. Suddenly the door flew open, it was Niall.

"Brianna! You're ok!" he yelled running toward me. He hugged me and I watched as Liam walked out the door.

"Niall! Why are you here?" I asked coldly.


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