The Game

"Let's play a game," he whispered softly, while lifting my chin and forceing me to look into his sparkling amber eyes. His lips brushed mine gently. I tried to push him away. To run, but I was stuck. "What do you want from me Zayn?" I asked. "Just play Brianna," he pleded. I nodded reluctantly. He smiled a devious smile, and I instantly knew I was screwed.

There's life. There's death. And then theres the game.


1. Drunk Danceing

The music was roaring. I came to the school dance to hang out with my best friend Liam. I was possitive someone spiked the punch bowl. Liam said they probley would. That's why he wasn't going to drink any punch. He only had one kidney, and it wasn't the best. So he couldn't have any alchohol. But I had a feeling there was alot in my system.

"Bri? You ok?" Liam asked. I noded.

"Li. I think I'm drunk" I said.

"I told you not to drink the punch!" he laughed. I laughed with him then grabed his hand.

"Let's dance!" I yelled, pulling him toward the dance floor.

We got toward the middle of the floor and I noticed my ex-boyfriend Niall. He was hanging out with his crew. Or well, Zayn's crew. Zayn Malik. The guy who told Niall I was cheating on him with Liam. And because Liam and I are so close Niall believed him and dumped me. Niall glanced at me. We locked eyes. He looked down quickly, and I noticed a red headed girl in his arms. Her name was Ginger. Yeah I know ironic, a ginger named Ginger. She was one of the most popular girls at school. I should have expected they would get together after Niall dumped me.

TikTok by Ke$ha began playing. Everyone began singing along and dancing wildly. Right after Stuck in the Moment by Justin Bieber began playing. I was walking toward my seat when I felt a hand grab my hand.

I turned quickly to see the person I least wanted to see, Zayn.

I smiled. I wanted to mess with his head like he messed with my relationship.

"Care to dance?" He asked polietly. I smiled and put my hands on his sholders.

"Sure," I said. He wraped his arms around my waist.

"So Bri? I want to get to know you better. Want to hang out sometime?" he asked, both of us swaying to the music.

"How about after the dance. Your place?" I asked smileing.

"Sounds good." he said leaning toward me. "Mabey we could have a little fun too."

"Zayn I'm not like the other girls. I'm not going to make out with you, or do.. it.. with you."

"I meant we could play a game..." Zayn said looking at me akwardly. I blushed, then laughed.

The song ended and everyone went back to there seats. Except Zayn, who sat with Liam and me.

"Why is he here?" Liam whispered to me.

"Long story. I'll explain tomorrow," I whispered back.

Mr. Belding, the principal, walked onstage. "Students! Time to announce our Harvest Prince and Princess!"

Our school is weird.  We have about 3 dances where they announce winners. The Harvest Dance, Homecoming, and Prom. Homecoming winners are called the duke and duchess. Harvest are the prince and princess. And Prom has King and Queen. Then we have the Spring Formal dance and Winter Wonderland dance which they don't announce winners. Niall and I were the duke and duchess two months ago. The winners are always the most popular couple together on voting day.

Liam grabed my hand and smiled. He knew I was having some troble with the whole Niall break up.

"Your Harvest Prince is..." Mr. Belding said into the microphone while opening the envolope. "HARRY STYLES!"

Harry is part of Zayn's crew. Louis, Niall, Josh, and Harry. They are all in Zayn's crew.

Since Harry is Prince we all know who will be princess. Ally Raspberry. She'd been dating Harry for about three months. I thought they were pretty cute together.

"And your Harvest Princess is none other then, ALLY RASPBERRY!" Mr. Belding yelled into the microphone.

"I called that one," I say to Liam.

"I honestly thought it'd be Stella and Louis," Liam said frowning. 

"They are going to be prom king and queen. If they break up before then it will be Josh and Michelle. You and me both know how that voting works." I said. Liam just noded.

"So Brianna?" Zayn said. I ganced at him.

"Dance is almost over," he said.

"We can go after I have a dance with my best friend," I said smileing at Liam. There was a slow song playing for Harry and Ally anyway. Everyone usually didn't join in untill the popular kids had, but I wanted to talk to Liam. I grabed his hand and pulled him out to the floor.

I could feel everyones eyes on us. It wasn't normal to see things like this. The only peole dancing are Me and Liam, Harry and Ally, and Niall and Ginger.

"Liam. I wanted to tell you about Zayn," I said.

"Ok. Tell me," Liam said smileing. So I did. I told him everything about that night.

"Be careful. I heard he was dangerous," Liam said once I had finished.

"He's harmless Liam. Trust me I know what I'm doing," I said as the song ended. I walked back over to Zayn. "I'm ready."

Zayn smiled. I waved at Liam as Zayn pulled me toward the door. As we neared the door several things happened. And all of them very quickly. Ginger started crying. Niall started walking toward Liam. Niall punched Liam. And all of this happened as Mr. Belding said "Everyone grab a partner for the final song."

Zayn pulled me out the door.

"Zayn! I want back in there!" I yelled as we walked outside.

"Why?" he asked, running his hand though my straight brown hair.

"Liam got punched! By Niall! My best friend got punch by your best friend!" I responded, pushing his hand away. Just then Niall came bursting out the door.

"YOU!" Niall yelled pointing at Zayn. Suddenly I realized Zayn was pulling me, running swiftly toward his black corvet. Niall screaming after us. We got to the car. Zayn opened the frount door. He pushed me in. He jumped in next to me.


"We are going to my house. Chill," he said.

So I leaned back in the seat and desided to relax alittle. I felt really drunk. I was probely imagining half of this. I just needed a nap.


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