Why Me? Is this for real?


1. Tests,quotes, and tweets


okay so Niall is the one who becomes her boyfriend but Liam comforts her too     ... I curled up in my blanket. My eyes hurt from crying so hard. I hated life, i hated that i had to die eventually. I needed some one to be with me, to help me. But i had no one. I couldn't tell anyone. I wanted to do something use full with my life. Singing was my passion, my everything. Wolves, i wanted to help them so bad. Why was everything so hard? Why does God constantly test me harder every time?      The only thing that rarely helped was one direction. My favorite band. I had fallen in love with Niall, the irish one. He helped. I fantasized about being his girlfriend a lot. Unfortunately i didn't have the money to meet them, especially him.     I sat back and read some quotes from the lads of 1D. My favorites were      "Swallow your fears, wipe away your tears, let go of your darkes years. Chin Up. Smile :) Walk Away"- Harry Styles       "There is no such thing as a fat girl. Every girl is Beautiful in her own way" -Niall Horan       Harry's helps me a lot when i get scared and want to cry. Nialls helps me alot because lets face it im chubby.        Im turning 13 tomorrow, why did my fears have to act up right now. I curled back into my covers. I opened the twitter app on my iPod. someone had mentioned me. I looked at the mention.    @NiallOfficial  Hope you have a happy birthday tomorrow!    I pushed it aside not realizing  what had happened and continued scrolling through my timeline. another mention.   @NiallOfficial What you just going to ignore the fact that i said happy birthday to you, the one and only Niall said Happy Birthday!   I stared at the tweet until my eyes finally gave way to sleep. Had that really just happened, or was it a joke.    
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