Forget Me Not

This story is about Laura Stevens and her journey to find her lost love, Niall Horan. They had been friends since they were 13 and she even went to his X Factor audition with him. 2 years later it's Christmas Eve and she hasn't heard from Niall since. She thought she was in love but when she finds him she's not so sure anymore. This story is a dramatic tale of, love, betrayal, and forgiveness


5. Snow Fall

Chapter 5- <(Laura's POV)> I sat in my room and stared at the lights of London. I pressed my head to the window and shut my eyes. They stung from tears. It was cold and the snow started to fall. Snow. It reminded me of when Niall and I were 14 and we ran out and played in the snow. We will never have that again...but how could he forget? I was at his audition with him! But in a strange way i understood. He sees millions of faces everyday. How would he remember some childhood friend's face. He hasn't seen me in two years... <(Niall's POV)> i dropped the note. I tried to remember everything i could. I definitely remembered the kiss. It had been a dare, but only because all my friends knew i liked Laura. I was really nervous and played it off as if i didnt want the kiss. But i did. Then i remembered playing in the snow when we were 14. She was so beautiful. The snow on her eyelashes. Her cheeks and nose rosy red. She was with me at the audition. That's when i gave her the picture of the two of us from when we were 13, to remember me by. She was just there. And i let her go after not seeing her for 2 years...
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