Forget Me Not

This story is about Laura Stevens and her journey to find her lost love, Niall Horan. They had been friends since they were 13 and she even went to his X Factor audition with him. 2 years later it's Christmas Eve and she hasn't heard from Niall since. She thought she was in love but when she finds him she's not so sure anymore. This story is a dramatic tale of, love, betrayal, and forgiveness


17. Purposing

<(Laura's POV)> "LAURA?! ARE YOU HOME?!" I heard Niall call out "YES! IM IN THE LIVING ROOM!" He walked in a wide smile on his face. "Hey! How was recording?" I asked. "Oh... I didn't go to recording. There's something more important i had to deal with..." I nodded and Niall took my hand and made me stand up. "Niall! Why do i have to stand?" I protested. "Because this is how it's done.." I was confused until Niall got down on one knee and brought a small box from behind him out. I stood there frozen and speechless. He cleared his thoat. "Laura Marie Stevens, will you please make me the happiest man alive, and be my wife?" Tears slid down my cheeks and all i could do was smile and nod. Niall smiled and took my left hand and slid the ring on my ring finger. It fit perfectly. "I love you Niall!" I finally let out. He picked me up and whispered "i love you so much more than you know!" Then he kissed me. And just like every other kiss between us there were fireworks. "I'll love you and only you forever my Princess!" He exclaimed as he put me down. I couldn't stop smiling. I just wanted to hold Niall forever. <(Niall's POV)> after Laura fell asleep that night i called Harry. "Hey man" he answered. "Guess what Harry!" I said trying to stat quiet. "SHE SAID YES?!" Harry yelled into the phone "YES!" I exclaimed. "Well congrats man! You found your princess!" And then we hung up. I fell asleep not long after
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