Forget Me Not

This story is about Laura Stevens and her journey to find her lost love, Niall Horan. They had been friends since they were 13 and she even went to his X Factor audition with him. 2 years later it's Christmas Eve and she hasn't heard from Niall since. She thought she was in love but when she finds him she's not so sure anymore. This story is a dramatic tale of, love, betrayal, and forgiveness


3. Nando's

<(Laura's POV)> "One Direction is Back In London!" All the the tweets said. I had recently moved to London and I decided it was time for Niall to remember me. I got dressed and walked out of the door. I didn't know where to go but knowing Niall i walked to towards the food shops. 2 days to Christmas was really showing on the streets of London. Everything was packed. I pushed through crowds and finally got to Nando's. I sat in a booth and laid my head down. I tear slipped from my eye. What was I thinking. There's no i way I'd find Niall in London! That's when i heard him. He was talking on the other side of the restaurant. I lifted my head and spotted him with 3 of the other boys of One Direction. Before i could think i blurted out "NIALL! OVER HERE!" he looked over at me and smiled. For a minute i began to believe he remembered me. <(Niall's POV)> a girl called to me and I looked over. Just a fan. No one I knew. I smiled at her and her face lit up. But then she walked over to us. "Niall! It's so good to see! I haven't seen you since the X Factor!" The unknown girl exclaimed. I was confused and all the boys gave me puzzled glances. Liam cleared his throat, "So uh do you want an autograph...?" He started. She looked at him "no, i just wanted to say hi to Niall. I haven't seen him in so long..." I was beginning to get very confused. Was this girl delusional? <(Laura's POV)> i was a bit surprised that Niall didn't hop up and give me a hug...but i mean he's famous now. Maybe he doesn't do that anymore. "Could you please leave before we have to ask the manager to remove you from the restaurant" Louis said with a tone of authority. I looked at Niall pleadingly but he looked lost. I turned on my heel and as i walked away i heard Zayn ask "do you know her lad?" And Niall's heart breaking reply "not at all..."
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