Forget Me Not

This story is about Laura Stevens and her journey to find her lost love, Niall Horan. They had been friends since they were 13 and she even went to his X Factor audition with him. 2 years later it's Christmas Eve and she hasn't heard from Niall since. She thought she was in love but when she finds him she's not so sure anymore. This story is a dramatic tale of, love, betrayal, and forgiveness


13. Hate >:(

<(Laura's POV)> 3 weeks. 3 weeks Niall and I have been dating and i've already received loads of hate from fans. Most of which include "i should be with Niall. Not you" "your ugly. Why did Niall choose you?" "Go kill yourself" "I will kill you since you took Niall from me!" And much worse things. Niall didn't know. But Harry did. Harry had become my best friend since Niall and i had been dating. He helped me through it. But i made him promise to NEVER tell Niall about it. Of course it was hard to but i put on a brave face for him. But today, the hate got out of hand and Harry was out of town and i was left to cry alone. Niall was out with Liam and I invited Perrie, Eleanor, and Danielle over. They got here about the same time the tears did. "Whats wrong?!" Eleanor was the first to ask. "What happened?!" Perrie said right after and Danielle just pulled me into a hug. "The- the the hate. It j-j-just so hor-r-r-rible." I said through tears. "Aww babe they're just jealous!" Perrie said leading the group into the living room where we could sit. "Your beautiful, and your Niall's princess. People are just jealous" Danielle added. "Ignore them!" Eleanor piped in. Danielle stood up. "Where's Niall?! He should be here! I'm calling Liam!" "NO!" I screamed. They all looked confused. "Niall, he doesn't know..." I said quietly. "Why?" Perrie questioned. I looked at all of them tears streaming down my face. "I don't want him to worry. The only people who know are you and Harry" i sighed. Eleanor hugged me "well i think it's time Niall found out..." And i made no protest. <(Niall's POV)> Liam and I were out walking around looking at all sorts of shops. Liam got a call from Danielle and we stopped for him to take it. "Hey Dani." "Yeah he's with me. Why?" "Whats going on?" "I'll put him on when i know what's going on!" " he his" Liam handed me the phone with a worried and sympathetic look. My stomach knotted. "H-hello?" I stammered. "Hey Niall," Danielle said on the other end. "What's wrong?" I said. There was a pause "WHAT'S WRONG?!" I repeated becoming worried. Danielle cleared her throat and said "Um, Laura's been getting a lot of hate lately." My face paled "when did it start?" Danielle didn't reply but i heard her talking to someone, probably Laura. "Two hours after you confirmed that you two were dating and that she was your princess..." I didn't know what to say "for 3 weeks my princess has gotten hate and i'm just now finding out?!" "Niall listen..." Danielle started. "No. Put Laura on the phone..." There was silence then he replied "ok..." "Niall?" I heard Laura's voice. Thick with tears. "Princess! Are you ok?!" I asked. "yeah..i'm fine. They're just so mean..." A tear fell down my cheek "why didn't you tell me babe?" I heard a sob and Laura's crying voice "i didn't want you to worry. Cause i knew you would blame yourself but it's not your fault!" She was right. I blamed myself for the hate. "Princess..don't cry" more tears fell from my eyes. "Niall...I have to tell you something. Something important." She said "anything..." She paused and said "Um...I...cut myself...and only Harry knew..i made him keep it a secret. He wanted to tell you" i almost dropped the phone "I'm coming home now!" I said handing back the phone to Liam. I ran back home.
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