Forget Me Not

This story is about Laura Stevens and her journey to find her lost love, Niall Horan. They had been friends since they were 13 and she even went to his X Factor audition with him. 2 years later it's Christmas Eve and she hasn't heard from Niall since. She thought she was in love but when she finds him she's not so sure anymore. This story is a dramatic tale of, love, betrayal, and forgiveness


6. Big Ben

<(Laura's POV)> it was Christmas eve. My parents were in America and i was an only child. No one else in my family had invited me over so i just wandered the empty streets of London. Snow fell lightly and i could see the cloud of my breath with every breath let out. My hands were stuffed in my pockets of my old black pea coat. The one Niall gave to me at Christmas only 2 years ago. It was warm and it reminded me of him. Though that was the last thing i wanted. I sat down on a bench a stared up at Big Ben. It was 11 pm. <(Niall's POV)> i should have been in Ireland. I was there as far as my fans were concerned but i was really in London. Harry had jet lag but was back home as were the other boys. I had visited my family for a while but i came back to London at about 10 pm. Now i was just walking the empty streets. My brain was clouded from alcohol but i was able to walk straight. I gave up looking for Laura. It was 11 and she was probably with family. I sat down on a bench next to a stranger and mumbled "Merry Christmas" there was silence for a moment but then i heard the voice from Nando's. It said "not very Merry if you ask me..." seemingly to herself. I looked over and saw Laura in the exact coat i gave her 2 years ago. She was staring at Big Ben. Out of curiosity i asked her, "why? Whats wrong?" She sighed not even looking at me "nothing. Just a problem with a boy. I thought he would remember me. We've been best friends since we were 13, but now he's famous and some big shot that he can't remember who he shared his first kiss with. It was special to me, but i guess not to him. And all those years we were friends meant nothing too i guess..." My heart shattered. How could i have been so ignorant to forget about Laura? I couldnt even look at her without crying. I loved her too much to hurt her, so i said "well, sounds bad to me. But hopefully this idiot will realize what he's missing out on" then i stood and walked away. I walked far. All the way to a train station and went back home to Mullingar.
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