The Second Styles?

How would people react when one of the hotest guys in the most famous boy band has a twin sister? Well I guess you'll find out. My name Is Bailey Ann Styles. Yup I'm sister to THE Harry Styles. Not just any sister. No, I'm his TWIN sister. But he's older by 5 minutes, and he never lets me forget it. Not a lot of people know of me, just mine and Harry's friends. But that's all going to change when I some how get signed by a music producer. And not just any, I get signed by THE Simon Cowell. Well this will be interesting...


1. Chapter 1: Is this a joke? You're joking, right?

~ Baily's P.O.V. ~

I was lying in my bed, bored to friggen death...Nothing fun or exciting EVER happens to me...Well not since Harry left. He was my bestfriend of all time. We were always together. We were that close. But we were also always together because I'm his younger sister. Well younger twin to be exact.

"Bailey! Sweetie, someone's here for you!" My mum yelled from down stairs.

"Coming mum!" I yelled while slowly getting out of my bed.

I went over to my dresser and got my brush from off the top to quickly brush the mass of dark brown and light brown curls on my head. I quickly looked at what I was wearing. Shorts, white button up shirt, black blazer(that I stole from Harry *insert evil smile*), and black high top converse. I nodded my head thinking that I looked appropriate. Your probably wondering why I was dressed if I wasn't going anywhere. Well I did plan to go out with Jessica (my bestfriend) but she got grounded at the last minute because she didn't take the trash out to the bin. I quickly walked out of my room, down the stairs, and into the living room. What I saw made me do a double take. There was Harry and the rest of his band mates...Why didn't he tell me he was coming?

"Bailey!" he yelled while running to me.

He picked me up and started to spin me. I started laughing.

"Harry, put me down!" I said while still laughing.

He set me down while laughing too. He looked at what I was wearing.

"Is that my blazer?" he asked me.

"Pbfffffft. NO! Why would I be wearing your blazer?" I said while fake lieing.

Harry started laughing. I heard someone clearing their throat. Me and Harry looked over at his mates.

"Oh yeah! Bailey this is my mates. And mates this is my twin sister Bailey." he told me and then them.

I waved to them as they waved back. We staied silent so a while. I looked at them expectingly. I guess they didn't get the hint...

"Introduce yourselves, please!" I told them.

"Oh yeah! I'm sorry! My name is Liam Payne." said the guy with brown curlly, flippy hair, that was like Harry's, but not really. He also had dark brown eyes that could melt anyone's heart.

"Hi!" I said with a cheecky smile.

"Hi my name's Niall Horan." said the guy with blonde hair, that you know is bleached, but it fit him...He also had deep blue eyes that looked good on him.

"Hello!" I said with the smile still on my face.

"Hello mini Styles! I'm Louis Tomlinson!" Said the guy with brown straight, messy, floppy hair and blueish, greenish eyes. Hmm it seems like he's the type of guy that his eyes would change with what he's wearing...

"Ello!" I said happily and the smile still on my face.

"I'm Zayn Malik." said the guy with black hair that's in a quiff. He had chocolate brown eyes that looked nice. He seems like a shy guy, I think he's a talkative person when you get to know him.

"Hi!" I said yet again.

I turned to Harry and slapped his arm.

"OWW! Why did you do that!?" he yelled/asked me.

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming mister?" I asked in a strict tone.

"I just wanted to seem my twin sister!" he said with a big smile.

"Lie. Now the truth Haz." I told him.

He sighed.

"You remember before I went on X Factor?" He asked.

I nodded my head.

"And we made all those videos of us singing?" he asked again.

I nodded yet again.

"Well...I kind of showed the boys and Simon...and Simon wants to meet you..." He told me.

I stood there shocked. He did not do that...

"You didn't..." I said, my voice full of shock.

"He did show us and Simon. Your really good." Niall said in his Irish accent.

"Thanks Niall." I said while smiling at him.

He smiled back at me. I feel like we're going to be the best of friends! I thought of something else.

"Why would Simon want to meet me?" I asked them.

"He wants to sign you Bails!" Harry said with a smile on his lips.

I started cracking up. This can't be real. THE Simon Cowell. Wants to sign ME? I looked at their faces to see them looking at me seriously.

"Is this a joke? You're joking, right?" I asked them.

They shook their heads no.

"No Bailey. He wants to sign you. So you can be a singer." Harry said while looking me in the eyes.

My eyes widened.

"Well this is interesting..." I said.

So you know when I said that nothing fun or exciting happens to me? Well that's a lie now...ME being a SINGER? I can't see that happening...But I guess it will be fun...I guess I'll see what happens.

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