The Second Styles?

How would people react when one of the hotest guys in the most famous boy band has a twin sister? Well I guess you'll find out. My name Is Bailey Ann Styles. Yup I'm sister to THE Harry Styles. Not just any sister. No, I'm his TWIN sister. But he's older by 5 minutes, and he never lets me forget it. Not a lot of people know of me, just mine and Harry's friends. But that's all going to change when I some how get signed by a music producer. And not just any, I get signed by THE Simon Cowell. Well this will be interesting...


2. A girl band and possible friends...?

Bailey's P.O.V. ~

I looked at them with semi-wide eyes. Okay so Simon Cowell...wants to sign me...Okay...? Sounds like this will be an interesting experiment.

"When does he want to meet me?" I asked Harry and them.

"Right now?" Harry said questioningly.

I nodded my head. Then slugged Harry's arm. He squeaked then fell on the floor. I looked down at him, while the other guys were laughing at Harry's squeak. He looked up at me with a pout.

"You could have told me before today Harry!" I said with a raised voice.

"I'm sorry Bail." He said.

His eyes said that he was telling the truth so I believed him. I stuck my hand out to help him up. He grabbed it with a smile on his lips. The other boys were still laughing their bums off. Harry looked at them annoyed.

"Can you stop laughing now?" He asked.

It took a while for them to calm themselves. Harry looked at them with the annoyed face still on him.

"Oh come on mate. That punch couldn't have hurt." Louis said with a cheeky smile.

I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. I walked up to him a little. I saw Harry shaking his head and had his arm in an "X" shape.

"Do you want to find out?" I asked while raising a fist.

Louis just looked at me with an amused expression. I felt someone grab me be my waist and pull me away from Louis. I turned my head to the side a little. It was Harry.

"I don't think you want to do that mate. She took martial arts when we were younger." He informed them.

I smirked a little at the looks they had on. It was a mix of scared and surprised. Lets just say it was amusing.

"Let us go!" I said while pointing to the door and walking like I was in the military.

I heard a lot of chuckles behind me. I started skipping to the car that was in front of my house. But stopped when I saw what was in between me and the car. A girls...NOOO! They spotted me when I came out of the house. I heard multiple girls say these things:

"WHO is THAT?"

"I'll like cut her if she's like dating Harry!"

"She'll die if she's dating ANY of One Direction."

"None of the boys would date her. She's not even pretty."

"But she is pretty."

"She looks like a nice person."

I herd different types of comments. The bad ones really didn't affect me that much. They don't know me so how can they hate me? I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked beside me and saw that Harry had his hand on my shoulder. I felt another on my head. I looked up a little. It was Louis. I looked to my other side (not really that easy with Louis' hand on my head) and Niall, Liam, and Zayn was standing there. I smiled at all of them. We started walking to the car again (after Harry and Louis took their hand off me). But we stopped when we got to the mob. A girl with bleached blonde hair (that didn't look good and showed her dark brown roots), extremely short shorts, a tank top that showed the top of her bra and her cleavage was showing. The only thing that I liked was her black Toms. Well she stepped forward a little. I already hate her...AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN TALK YET!

"Harry, like who is she?" she asked all posh like.

"YEAH!" the rest of the girls yelled.

"She's my little sister girls." Harry said with a smile on his face.

"But like she's like seven or eight inchs shorter than you. And she looks like she's like your age." the blonde...slag...said.

"I'm his twin sister. Younger by 5 minutes." I said with a fake smile.

There was a shocked silence.

"But why haven't you like told us about her? Is she like a disgrace or something?" Blondie said.

I was shocked and so was Harry.

"No she isn't. I promised her I wouldn't tell you about her." he said truthfully.

Every girl looked at me.

"Like why didn't you like want him to tell us about you?" she asked again.

The whole mob nodded at the same time. Wow that's scary...

"Frankly it's because the hate mail you would send me. Also people would only use me to get to Harry." I told them truthfully.

"We wouldn't like do that." she said.

I raised an eyebrow.

"Really cause I heard you say that you'd cut me if I was dating Harry. Now can you girls move. We have somewhere to go." I said.

"Like where are you like going?" she ask yet again...

All the rest of the girls moved but the blonde slag. So we just walked around her.

"Pay attention to the news! You'll find out soon!" Louis yelled as we got in.

Harry was driving, with Liam in the passenger seat. Niall and Zayn where in the middle seats and me and Louis were sitting in the back. We just started doing funny, random stuff until we got to our destination. Harry parked the car and we pilled out. I think we looked like clowns getting out of a clown car! Man I hate clowns...We started walking into the studio building. We took the elevator up to Simon's floor. I closed my eyes as we went up. After I watch the movie Devil. I can't stand elevators...Once the death trap stopped I sped walked out of it. I got confused looks from Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Harry just looked amused/worried. I just smiled a small smile at them. I followed behind them as they started walking to Simon's office. We kept walking until we reached the end of the hallway. There was a huge door with a sign that said "Simon Cowell". A pang of fear ran through me. Niall opened the door and we walked in.

"Hello boys. Where's Bailey?" he said/asked.

The boys parted and I just stood there awkwardly and waved at him. He smiled a little and waved back.

"Well I bet the boys told you why your here." he said.

I nodded.

"Well Bailey Styles. Met the rest of your girl band, SHINEing Stars. Katie Lagden, Rori Tatro, Elizabeth Thomas, and Lily Blue." he said.

When he said their name they turned around. I'm in a girl band and I possibly have three new friends. And why is Rori and Liz here!? I thought they hated singing in front of people!

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