Bitten Sisters

May is a vampire with bitten sisters Eleanor and Danielle.When they move to London they experience unusual things vampires don't do.They fall in love with 3 members in a band called one direction.What will happen when they are dating?


1. Moving

''Alright that is all we need packed besides we are vampires we do not need all this stuff anyways'',I said. My names May that's my sister Eleanor and Dani. Dani is the oldest El is the second oldest and I'm the youngest.I am 201 years old El is 340 years old and Dani is 456 years old. Today we are moving to england we almost got caught by humans there are very little of us vampires we are friendly to animal like me to my pit bull Ross he is half dog and half vampire. He has cropped ears and a blue nose and could fly like us and if your wondering why blue nose it's because no one could see him in the night when he is feeding he only feeds on birds and squirrels only though.Well I better get going I have to fly away right now bye!

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