A girl falls inlove with Harry Styles after she has had an accident with her mom but how will it end up..


13. The boys

Harry's p.o.v

"Good job harry" winked Louis

"Mhm...she all mine" he whispered

"What are you guys saying"

"Harry's jealous ama take you away"

"Whattt?? no im not?!"

"Haha you guys are so dumb" She kissed me on the cheeck

"Ooo i need to call our managment. Do they let Eleanor on tour?"

"Yeaah but she doesnt always come because of school and her job"

"ohh okay. "

"Can I meet the rest of the boys? Just curious how you guys act"

"Sure lets go"

Vanessa's p.o.v

So we are on our way to meet the other boys

"We're here!" Shouted Louis

"If they say anything to you and it insults you ignore them. They're a little..ermm crazy"

"I wont get insulted" I smiled big

Louis opened the door and let me enter first then Harry and he was pushing Harry to mess around

"Niall SHUT UP!" said Liam...I think it was him

"HAHAHA" Niall laughed

"Ahem we have a guest!" liam said

"Ohh Hi! IM NIALL!"


"AND...lets call Zayn. ZAAAAAYYYNNNNN"


"We have a guest"

"Oh. Hi Im Zayn"

"Well this is Vanessa, Harry's girlfriend" Said Louis

"Hello" I smiled

"She hot" Niall whispered

I blusheed

"Niall why not talk louder for eeevvveeryyone can hear" Laughed Louis

"NO!" Harry shouted

"What?" Niall said

"He gets jealous" Louis said

" No I dont" he turned red

"Soo You all live together besides Harry?"

"No we live seprete to keep things safe between the band but were over Zayn's today"

"AND you all made a mess so enjoy cleaning 'cos im not"

"Well you guys sure know how to make me laugh" I said then sat next to Harry with my head on his chest


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