A girl falls inlove with Harry Styles after she has had an accident with her mom but how will it end up..


1. My story

"VANESSA! I already called you 4 times come down here!" said my mother

"Sorry coming!...yes mum?" I said in a low voice 

"Did you clean the bathroom already like i asked?"


Evere since my parents divorced I've done things for my mum I clean, cook, and practically take care of myself. My mother is a alcoholic but is very nice...most of the time.


Later that day~

It was 4 in the morning and I was worried because my mum hasn't came back from whereever she was today drinking. I called my only friend Danielle for she could try to calm me down. It was hard because my mum can become a little crazy when she is out late drunk.

*SLAM!* i heard the door

"Dani my mums here ill call you later."

Before she could have said anything I hung up the phone. I tried to peek by the stairs to see how drunk my mum was but she saw me

"Why are you looking at me" she said in a angry voice

"Umm I-I-I"

Before i could had said anything she slapped me. It was the first time in months since my mum has hit me but its usually playing around this time I knew she wasn't.. 

"Why did you hit me? Whats wrong with you?!"


"You didnt even say anything"

"Get out!"

My mum followed me to my room and told me to get some money. I did.

"Noooow get out of my house ! And dont come back!"

I thought she was kidding until she threw a glass candle at me..luckily I moved.


So as my mother said I left and I ran until i couldn't. Sadly since Danielle moved a year ago and now lived in another country I had no where to go. I walked around England all alone till the next morning with just my tears, some money, a candy bar and half a water bottle.

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