A girl falls inlove with Harry Styles after she has had an accident with her mom but how will it end up..


23. My all

Vanessa's p.o..v

Harry helped me get off the car as we arrived at his house.

I think I was gonna give him my all today.

He was smiling as I almost fell going to his room, no one was home and this was a perfect time.

I laid down as he took of his shirt.

He laid on top of me as I felt him breathing on me. I pecked him in the mouth then he took of my shirt.

Not gonna lie I was quite nervous..

I was laying with just my bra and we took off our pants. I held him down to me.

"I always wanted to do this with you"

I shyly smiled at his comment

He kissed me as he took off the rest of the clothes I had left.

I wiggled of his boxers and we laid their completely nude for a few moments.


"Mhm" I gave a quick smile

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes Harry. Its okay" I smiled again 

Then he made his way in..

"Your so tight babe"

I keep whimpering his name as it got hotter. 

He started speeding up and I was losing my breath

He held down my wrist


"Yeah.." he said also out of breath as he continued

"Pl-please be gentle"'

He started to slow down.

A moan came out of my mouth a little to loud

Harry smiled and kissed me

I closed my eyes as I did in the beginning

"Open your eyes"

I opened them as he said but soon I closed them again

Harry's p.o.v

We laid there as we kept rested. She had her head on my chest as I played with her hair, us trying to find normal breathing again.

I kissed the top of her head as she smiled.

"Was this your first time babe?"

She looked at me but stayed quite

"Dont be shy" I smiled "Its just me"

"I know" she said kissing me "But yeah it is.." she kind of blushed

"Ohh. Why dont you keep your eyes open?"

"I dont know, I was just trying to breath"

"Haha. I need to be more gentle I guess.."

"Yes you do" she kissed me


"Ama go shower."

"Okay" she kissed me on the cheek

I was singing and I didn't hear the door open 

"You sing good babe"

I jump

"Oh my god what are you doing here"

"I came to hear you sing" Vanessa smiled

"Well now you gonna stay"


I pulled her in as she was already in pajamas shorts and a tank top

"Now I'm all wet."

"Thats what you get for scaring me" I said as I pulled her closer to my body

She kissed my chest

"Might as well shower with me now" 

"I dont know" she said showing her shy self again

"C'mon we just had sex I think I can see you naked"

"Okay fine"

We finally got out and we went to sleep


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