A girl falls inlove with Harry Styles after she has had an accident with her mom but how will it end up..


9. Long lost family

Harry's p.o.v

I was with Vanessa at the pond and I was so glad she was happy.

"Babe are you having fun?"

"If I'm with you I'm always having fun" she smiled

We fell asleep on the ground but then it started raining. Vanessa woke me up by poking my dimple.

"Hey harry its raining lets go" 

Since we were already gonna get wet we walked

"Wait before we go inside I need to cross something off my bucket list."


"To kiss you in the rain" 

She smiled and kissed me passionately.

Vanessa's p.o.v

I went to go change and I wore sweatpants and a tank top. I decided to eat some strawberries with whip cream on top. Of course Harry would touch it and put it on my face.

"Clean it"

He licked it off

I got a call from my cousin Emily who I havent talked to in months or seen since about a year.


"Vanessa!? its me emily your cousin where are you your mom is looking for you!!!"

"Heeey! and I'll you where I am but promise not to tell my mom"

"Okay promise!"

I told her the address. When she got here I told her our fight and didnt introduce her to Harry until I was finished.

"WOW!  what a crazy experience."


"You should call your mom and talk to her"

"I will one day..maybe"

"Why not now?!"

"She told me not to ever go back so why would she care how I am"

"Just call her please.."

"Fine BUT I wont tell her where I am just that I'm safe and that I'm staying where ever I am. Deal? Now give me your phone."

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