A girl falls inlove with Harry Styles after she has had an accident with her mom but how will it end up..


14. It's time of month

Harry's p.o.v

"Byee" I said

Me and Vanessa went home

"I dont feel very good harry"

"Erm..what do I do? Do you need to go to the doctor?"

"No harry its my time of month. Its life..a girl life."

"Ewwe! hahaha"

"STOP Harry! You're so mean"

"HAHA i love you" I kissed her head

"Can you take me home already please'

"of course"

So we went home.

Vanessa's p.o.v

So I took about 2 hour nap and when I woke up I didnt see harry.


no response. I called again.

"Bleeeh!!!" "I texted him 'where are you?'"

Still no response

I stayed downstairs on the coach with my head laying down waiting for Harry. Half an hour later Harry entered.

"Where were you!!" i threw him a pillow

"TADA!" he gave me roses with chocolates

"What's this for?"

"Its your time of month so I want you to be comfy"


He kissed me and we watched tv

"Haha you're bipolar this week"

"Nooooo I'm not just leave me alone" I stuck out my tongue

Then he kissed me for a long passionate time.

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