A girl falls inlove with Harry Styles after she has had an accident with her mom but how will it end up..


17. I dont want to lose you

Harry's p.o.v


It went black

Vanessa's p.o.v

"OH MY GOD NO PLEASE! Harry please talk to me. Harry pleasee" I felt tears fall down

"| need to call Anne." "God please answer Harry."

"huh?" A little moan came out of him

"Harry stay with me..Hello?! Anne is this you?!"
"Yes what happened why are you crying?!"

"Harry's hurt a truck hit him and he's unconsious."

"OH MY GOD WHERE ARE YOU?! I need to go over there"

"The starbucks by your house. Please hurry Anne. I dont want to lose him"

"Im gonna call an ambulance"


10 minutes later an ambulance was taking Harry away

"ANNE! THEY TOOK HIM! Im scared I dont want to lose him"

"Its gonna be alright" her voice cracked

We went to the hospital following the ambulance in a hurry

"Is he gonna make it!"

"We dont know you need to wait a while till I can tell you his results" said a doctor

"I need to go to work. Call me if anything and tell me everything"

"I will" I said hugging Anne for a long amount of time while I cried

I stayed there waiting for hours and they still wouldnt tell him if he was gonna make it or not

Finally after another 2 hours they told me to enter

"Okay so he's still unconsious and might be like this for a week"

"Is he gonna make it though?"

"We dont know if its been more than a week probably not"

I starred at the floor while all our memories started flowing through my head

"You can stay here and sleep so yeeah.."

I looked at him "Harry please.." I whispered

I sat down in the couch bed and just waited to see if a miracle happened

Louis came in with the other boys

"Wow..how long have you been here?" Liam asked

"2 days"

"Have you eaten?"

"Anne brought me a sandwhich with tea and a salad"

"Did she stay here long?"

"Only about 40 minutes whille I took a shower and ate"

"Oh..why dont you go home? It will be better" zayn said

"Are you crazy?! What if he wakes up  and I'm not here! I'm not gonna let him down"

"I think you're just paralyzed from the accident. Just thinking of it too much" Louis said

"You should rest. Have you slept?" Liam said

"About 3 hours. I kept waking up though.."

"Wow. Are you sure you dont want to go home"

"Yes I'm positive. I'm staying here.."

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