A girl falls inlove with Harry Styles after she has had an accident with her mom but how will it end up..


7. Finally

Harry's p.o.v

"Why is she here! Tell me!" 

"Taylor i think its time for you to go..for good"

''Are you drunk or something?''

''Taylor please leave''

''Your leaving me for a nobody!''

''Her name is Vanessa f.y.i and please get out!''

''Fine I'll leave but I'm telling everybody your a jerk!''

''Okay goodbye why don't you try to write a song about me like you do to everybody else.'' And I closed the door.

I completely forgot about me and Taylor. Vanessa was on my mind so much i forgot I had a real girlfriend.

*knock knock* I opened the door slowly.

''Harry please leave''

''I'm sorry I forgot about her because I couldnt stop thinking of you''

''Harry just..''

''Vanessa I will not leave here without you and me fine again. Look I was gonna wait a little longer to get to know you but I guess I need to ask you this before its to late..uhh...Vanessa will you..like to go out with me..?''

''You just broke up with Taylor and your asking me this?!''

I leaned forward and kissed her.

Vanessa's p.o.v




''You mean yes??'' his face lid up

''Yes I will go out with you'' I smiled

"This is crazy but amazing and I promise I wont hurt you again..I saw the way you got hurt downstairs..I never wanna see you like that again..I need you. And I need you to trust me''

I smiled and we kissed again. So Harry and I were officially together. YAY!

When Anne finally arrived from her meeting we shared our news and she seemed happy for us. She seemed like she already loved me as a daughter.

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