A girl falls inlove with Harry Styles after she has had an accident with her mom but how will it end up..


26. Crazy experience. The end!

Vanessa's p.o.v

I woke up needing to throw up. 

"eww" I said out loud

"What time is it?" I said to myself. 7 am. Then I noticed the date.

I'm late. I tried to solve this: throwing up, late, tired. I might be pregnant.

"ohmygod" I whispered.

I need a pregnancy test.

I sneaked out the house for I wouldnt wake up Harry. Ohmygod Harry! How am I going to tell him?! How will he react?! This was either gonna be really bad or really good. Hopefully the second choice.

On the way to the pharmacy my mind was flowing all these thoughts. I was nervous. Heart in my mouth. Then I tried to think positive and think of names. 

I called Danielle its been forever since we talked. Harry doesnt even know about her. My poor bestfriend probably hates me. 

*Danielle- "Hello?"


"Heyyyy. Its okay! I missed you too lots."

"Danielle I might be freaking pregnant with Harry Styles!"


"I know I'm so scared what if he leaves me!"

"He won't! And if anything come live with me."

I smiled she always tried to take the bad side out of the way "thats not the point but okay" I laughed nervously

"Well if you are preggos you are naming your child after me!"

"HAHA..I dont think so. But you can be like the godmother or something?"

"UGh fine!"

"Well I'm at the pharmacy so ama go"

"OKayyyyy hope you the best! ily!!!"



I got to the pharmacy and off the car.

Almost falling I need to be careful that I dont hurt this baby..if there even is one.

"Hi can I get a pregnancy test?"

"Sure here you go." the nice lady smiled.

I smiled back and gave her the money.

I went back home and used the bathroom to check if it was a positive or negative. 

I walked anxiously around the bathroom waiting to see what it was gonna be.

2 lines. yup I'm pregnant. 

"Ohmygod" I felt like crying of joy, but then Harry

I found Anne downstairs. I decided to tell her first since I needed to prepare for some reaction in person

"Hey Anne"

"Hey sweetie why up so early?"

"umm..well I threw up..and it turns out I'm pregnant.."

"Ohmygosh! Thats great! I'm finally gonna be a grandma!" she smiled

"I'm nervous how Harry will react"

"I'm sure he would be happy" she smile slighty

"I hope so.."

I went back upstairs and laid in bed till Harry woke up.

I was playing with his hair and he woke up after a while.

"Hey babe" he smiled and kissed me


"Whats wrong?"


"You sure?"

"Actually Harry..I need to tell you something important.." I felt like their was no air around me.

He turned serious "What?"

"I'm..umm..I'm.." I could say it. I put my head to his chest

"Babe tell me"

"Please dont leave after this"

"Tell me"

"I'm pregnant.."

His face turned so shock. "Right now?!"

"Mhm.." I'm not sure if this was a good or bad reaction

"Oh my god! ama be a dad! This is great! I'm not gonna leave you babe. Never" He hugged me by the waist

"I was so scared to tell you"

"You shouldn't have baby. Oh my god my son or daughter is in there" he kissed my stomach

"I know" I smiled

He laid in bed for a while as he hugged me

he kissed my cheek

"You are gonna be an amazing mum."

He kissed me for a long time and then let go.

"If its a boy were naming it Mason" I smiled

"And a girl Darcy" He smiled back

"What's with you and that name?" I laughed 

"I dont know?" he smirked

"I told your mum. she was happy"

"Thats good! Let me call the boys and tell them."

After that he called each of them and they were all Happy


"Let me talk to her"

Harry put it on speaker. 

"Hey girlll! Congrats!"

"Thank you" I smiled kissing harry

"DId he do it good in bed?" you could hear him laughing

"LOUIS! SHUT UP! You die when I see you!" I said blushing like crazy

Harry just laughing

"Im just kidding jeez."

"you better be"

"Well were gonna get going bye louis!" Harry said


"This has been a crazy experience Vanessa. I want to be with you for the rest of our lives"

I smiled

"Nothing is gonna come between us babe"

He touched my cheek and rubbed it

"I know. I love you"

"I love you too."

We kissed passionately and it was amazing.


*Birth of the baby*

"Mr. Styles?"

"Yes" Harry shot his head up

"You may come in again"

"Thank you"

I was holding our new little girl in my hands

"Shes so tiny" he said smiling 

"I know my little girl" I kissed her forehead

"She looks like you. Beautiful"

I smiled

"Wanna hold her?"

"Yes. I'm dying to"

I put her in his hands.

"Welcome to the world Darcy" Harry said carry our new baby.


The end.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Okay so thats it! That was mine! I hoped you all enjoyed it! I wanted to end it because it was carrotish and ugh I didnt want to continue. I know the chapters were really short I'm sorry. But now I'm writing a new fan fiction called:

Dun dun dun

'Possession' on Wattpad its new so I just started follow me on Wattpad and my name is @1_directionmine so if you cant find my story search it up! The chapters are sooooo much longer and its better because now I have experience 

Thank you ALL sooooo much thanks so reading! I love you! Please share both stories! Sorry this was such a short fan fiction/chapter and that its all blaaaahhh!!! 

~Vanessa :) 

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