A girl falls inlove with Harry Styles after she has had an accident with her mom but how will it end up..


22. Cooking class

Vanessa's p.o.v

"Are you ready?" I hear the love of my life say


"Lets go"

he grabbed my hand and we left the house

"So, I'm planning to get a job" I say as I stare at him while he has his eyes focused on the road

"Thats good. Do you have a particular place you want to apply at?"

"Um..not really maybe starbucks or something like a kids place"

"Ohh thats good."

We drove for about 10 more minutes talking about places I should apply for

"Were here!" he said leaving a soft kiss on my cheek

We walked inside as we saw other couples sitting down waiting for instructions

"Hello everybody, I'm Deena and welcome. Today we will be making chocolate."

oh how I love chocolate! I was so happy those words came out of her mouth. 

I smiled big as harry whispered "I know you have a love for chocolate"

I kept smiling at the fact that he knew me so well

"We have all the ingredients needed on the table already, with some cut outs if you want to make a certain shapes or whatever. If you need any help I will be walking around or back their making my own. We have a sheet of paper with instructions on the table also. Have fun and be creative!" Deena smiled as those were her last words for a while

I looked at the instructions

"Flour, milk, eggs.."

"Kiss" Harry interrupted as I was reading it out loud

I laughed and gave him a kiss

I started putting the ingredients together as I read how much cups I needed

"Are you gonna help?" I said as I stared at harry smiling slightly

"Yeah" he smiled back

When I finished putting the ingredients together Harry went behind me 1 hand on my waist and the other held to my hand helping me stir.

He left a soft kiss on my cheek

"Okay so now this is on your own. We each make our own chocolate figure. im guessing."

He smiled

"Pass me the heart babe."

I gave him the heart figure 

"Im making this one for you" He smiled

"Haha and this one if for you" Grabbing the other heart

We put it in the fridge for it to harden

Harry's p.o.v

We talked as we waited for the chocolate to hard

We licked the left over chocolate on the bowl

"This taste good" Vanessa said shyly

"Haha you're welcome"

"To be honest I thought this wasnt gonna be much fun" she said hidding her face

"I know what you like babe" I said kissing her for a few seconds

I put some chocolate on her cheek while she was looking down

"Harry!" she laughed

She got some and smeared it on my nose


"You started it!" 

"And I will win it"

I grabbed more and so did she as we started having a chocolate fight putting it all over each others faces. 

"Please do not make such a mess" Deena said nicely but serious

We both laughed as we cleaned up

I licked a little chocolate off her cheek

"eww" she laughed

After we finished cleaning we went to go take out the chocolate

It was time to put frosting on it

I grabbed mine and wrote out:

'Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I know this is cheesy but,

I'm inove with you. xx' with a heart at the end

"Are you done with yours?" 

"Yeah..but dont make fun of me" She said

"Baby it doesnt matter" I smiled back

We traded as we read each others hers said:

'I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day that's all I ever ask for.

You have my heart and I have yours.

I'm in love with you Styles and thats for sure. xThen she decorated it all over with hearts and xoxo

I kissed her, as her face turning red with the words that seemed to touch her heart.

I hugged her and kept her there.

Then we ate some chocolate and saved the rest for home. 

"Are you ready to go love?"

"Yes" she said looking kind of jumpy

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, maybe, yes. I just kind of get hyper when I eat chocolate." she said smiling 

I laughed as we walked to the car. I opened her the door as kissed her cheek, just as I was gonna close the door she pulled me back towards her, giving me a long passionate kiss.

"hmm I like you this way"

She softly left me there practically on top of her, me trying not to put my weight on her, she held me there not wanting me to leave her side as I warmed her. I stayed a little longer cuddling with her.

"Let's go home and finish there" I said winking at her

She kissed me again and I crossed over to the driver's seat.


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