A girl falls inlove with Harry Styles after she has had an accident with her mom but how will it end up..


25. Bummy Day

Vanessa's p.o.v

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. Of course Harry next to me holding me tight

"Babe let go"

He groaned and let go


"Hello is this Vanessa?"


"Hi this is Kate from starbucks. I'm calling to tell you that you got the job."

"Oh my god yay!"

"Haha can you start around 12 ish tomorrow?"


"Great see you tomorrow."

"Thank you so much. bye"

I screamed lowly of joy

"Who was that." Harry said with his morning voice

"It was Kate from starbucks. I got the job!" I squeled

"Thats amazing baby. Can you come to bed with me now"

I went under the cover while he came closer to me, giving me warmth

I laid my head on his chest and he hummed to me

I fell asleep minutes later

~about an hour later~

"Babe wake up" Harry shuck me

"No, I'm tired"

"Wake up please!"

"No" I put the pillow over my head

Harry got on top of me (of course not his entire weight) and played humped me

"Eww Harry stop!" I laughed

"Get up then or ama do it again" He also laughed

"Fine I'm up"


He gave me a kiss on the forehead and brought me close to his chest

"What should we go today" I said rubbing my eyes

"I dont know what do you want to do princess"

I smiled "Why are you so perfect?"

"I'm not thats you"

I kind of blushed

"Okay lets not be one of those dramatic love couples like in the movies" I said still smiling

"Haha! okay but you're still perfect to me"

I bumped his hip and he kiss me

We went downstairs to grab a snack
I was gonna sit down next to him but then he pulled me over to sit on his lap

I laid my head on his chest and we watched 'Full House'

Harry’s p.o.v

“Hey wanna do something?” I said kind of bored

“Like what its almost 5”

“um we can..ermm..we can play..I don’t know”

“Wait play what?” she laughed

“I don’t know it just blurted out”

“Ohh” she seemed to be zoned out after that



“what were you staring at?” I smiled

“You.” she also smiled

“What about me?’

“Your eyes, the way your dimples show, your lips..”

I cut her off

“Oh my lips huh?” I said smiling

“Yeah why?”

“Usually when girls do that they want me to kiss them”

She laughed kind of embarrassed

“Do you want to kiss me?” she finally said

“When don’t I?”

She laughed then we finally kissed

“I love the feeling your soft lips pressing on to mine, especially the sparks.” She said

I kissed her again and hugged her for a long time not wanting to let go

We decided to go upstairs to my bed

I took off my shirt since it was kind of hot, I noticed her staring

“Why don’t you join for we can be equal”

“Me? To take off my shirt”

“Please” I put on a puppy face

She dug her face into her hands showing her shy side

She finally let me do it for her, more than I asked.

We laid in bed talking for the rest of the night till we fell asleep.


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