Not stopping me

I've been having dreams about him. I was just ending high school and was at a couple of parties when I had this last dream that was so realistic I needed to find him.


6. Justin?

He stood up and walked to me.

" Iv'e been sending you messages mentally" I now figured it out. He was the boy, Justin, But what did the dreams mean.

" Justin?" He nodded his head. I walked to my closet and pulled out a different dress. I turned around to be met up with Justin.

" You know what the dreams mean right?" He walked closer.

"No what do they mean" I was getting really scared.

" I'm a " he paused " Vampire" I got shocked.

"Is this punked who put you up to this" I didn't believe him but also did believe him at the same time. He grabbed my hips and made both of us land on the bed. He leaned in and kissed me. I pushed him off of me.

"Justin" I yelled.

" Come on I know you want me" I looked in his eyes they turned red.

" You only want me for my blood" I ran to my closet and locked it.

 I changed my dress so I was ready to dash downstairs. I was finishing latching the strap of my dress. He bust my door down and ran up to me. He wouldn't stop this he kissed me again.

" I don't want you" I pushed him off of me again.

" Then why were you looking for me" He yelled at me.

" I wanted to get to know you " I looked at him as he backed away.

" Then lets get to  know each other "  He said sitting on the bed.

" But I need to get to the party" I said as he stood up.

" Then lets go I wouldn't mind seeing how your body works" He winked. I walked Out the door as he followed. We walked downstairs. I started dancing with him but didn't care he was so boring. I went to the kitchen and got a couple drinks ( of alcohol ). I walked back out there and started dancing with him again but I wasn't so bored. We started conversatoins with random people and I noticed I was slurring my words. Justin took control over me and made out with me.

2:24 a.m.

" I really love you" Justin and me were sitting on a couch.

"I love you too" I went back to making out with him.


I was starting to sober up. I walked out of the bathroom. I haven't seen  Justin for the past hour.  I was walking through the party when I saw him."Its been nice seeing you her" I said as he stopped next to me "Justin". "And you to" He paused like I did "Ashley". He looked as my father was at the top of the staircase. "Can we go somewhere private" He winked. " As so" I grabbed his hand and moved him trough the crowd of people. He looked back at the staircase. My father was gone.


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