Not stopping me

I've been having dreams about him. I was just ending high school and was at a couple of parties when I had this last dream that was so realistic I needed to find him.


4. Just getting ready

" Ashley " Katelynn was waking me up. I have my party today.

"Kate" I yawned " 5 more minutes" I fell back asleep hoping I would get more information about this boy.

~   "Justin" I whispered as he kissed my neck. " Justin I screamed as he bit my neck. My  nails dugged his back. I grabbed the pocket knife my father gave me. I stabbed him. "Ashley why did you do that" he yelled in pain. " I was helping you" ~

I hopped out of my bed in fear.  I needed to find this boy. I walked to the mirror. I started to brush my hair. I saw a shadow behind but when I turned around no-one was there. I rushed downstairs and noticed everyone getting ready for the party. I went back to my room and check twitter and facebook.

Rounded up about 3 thousand people were coming.

'Beep' I checked my phone.

'Im coming over' It was Maylee. I texted her back 'kk'.

Maylee and me were sitting upstairs.

" So how many people are coming" Maylee asked breaking the silence.

"About 3 thousand" I said knowing she wanted to go se jackson, yep our waiter well he was pretty cute, "Wanna go see jackson" . She hopped up right away.

"Can we" She looked at me and I nodded and stood up. We made our way downstairs to see alot of change the dj table was up, They acrobatics were practicing and they were setting up the lasers too.

" Hey Jackson" Maylee said walking into the kitchen. I walked up to Katelynn.

"So are you ready for the party, I need help too" She nodded her head accepting the need to help.

"I need to find a Boy" I told her the description of the boy and that he should be here tonight.


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