Not stopping me

I've been having dreams about him. I was just ending high school and was at a couple of parties when I had this last dream that was so realistic I needed to find him.


5. He's here

10:00 Everyone started coming. I just sat there bieng bored in my room.

10:15 I decided to get dressed and ready I put on my golden sparkle dress and Curled my hair and put on my gold heels. I fixed my make-up and hair. I texted Katelynn to get ready for my entrance.

10:30 I stood at the top of our staircase. " Welcome Everybody and Welcoming your Host Ashley Rios" I heard the Dj say and I walked down the staircase with a huge Smile on my face.  I was in the middle of the  staircase when I saw him. Light brown hair ,Caramel eyes. I got to the bottom and started gretting people. I saw katelynn and ran up to her.

"I saw him, Black Jacket, Light Grey Pants, Purple high tops" I looked around " Light brown hair, Caramel eyes" I pushed her off to find him. I started my way to the middle of the floor.

12:45 The party was halfway through and Katelynn hasn't gave me any update about him. I had to meet him.

" Hey Ashley this is an Awesome party" It was Derek and Matthew from my 5th period.

"Thanks hey do you mind getting me punch" The boys hurried off and I walked off to ,to look for him. I like how I go out of my way just to meet this boy. Well iv'e been having dreams about him for about a month. I noticed Jackson and Maylee dancing together.

"Jackson Why aren't you working " I Had a frown on my face.

" Uhm sorry Ash bye" He rushed off.

" Ash" Maylee looked at me in hatred and walked off.

I turned around to see that Derek and Matthew spilled the punch all over me.

"Omg that punch is meant for my mouth not my dress" I stormed upstairs. I walked through the hallways to my room. I used my key to unlock it.

"Who are you" I asked the boy on my bed. He was the boy from my dreams.

" Don't you know me" I shook my head no.

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