Not stopping me

I've been having dreams about him. I was just ending high school and was at a couple of parties when I had this last dream that was so realistic I needed to find him.


8. Greek Mythology

She went to her room and stayed there for about 5minutes. She came back with a big book.

" Greek Mythology" I asked as she opened up the dusty book.

~ Table of Contents  ~

*Pg. 4  The Greek Forest Trolls

*Pg. 24 Greek Fairies

*Pg. 36 Greek ManWolves

*Pg. 52  The Greek bloodsuckers "Vampires"

I quickly flipped through the book to the page.

 ~ Vampires ~

  Feeds on living Essence, European Legends, Russian folklore, Empusea, Loup-Garou.

I looked at one of the pictures closely It was of a moon inside of a Star. Justin hand that tattoo on his back.

" What are vampire kings or leaders" I asked her pointing to the bold print with the rest off it ripped out.

" I don't know there probably like the alpha of vampires" I couldn't believe this she was actually taking this seriously.

I skeemed over the page agian.

 "Can I tell you something" I closed the book making dust flow around it.

"What" soon her full attention was on me.

"You know about justin right" She nodded, "He's a vampire"

" I believe you because I met one too" I wasn't expecting that reaction.

"He was my ex, His name was Stephen.. He was 300 years old, and we met at a party too, Before I met him wierd dreams of him occured... All those dreams happend in real life with him... then I got a job from your father... I found out Stephen was a vampire then.... he was killed mysteriously" She finshed and grabbed the book.

"Justin...." She looked at me agian " Sent me dream messages that has happened".

"Tell me I now more than you think about vampires" With that I started telling. I told her the dreams and the ones that happened.



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