Not stopping me

I've been having dreams about him. I was just ending high school and was at a couple of parties when I had this last dream that was so realistic I needed to find him.


1. Getting to know the old folks

"Justin, Why Stop" she screamed as his fangs drank her blood causing her to die. He looked up and I saw him, his face covered in blood, Eyes red as the blood. He dashed up to me and grabbed my neck. "Your next" He came at me.

Damn, I woke up agian from another last week of school party. Also ending up in bed with a complete stanger. I hopped up and got on my clothes aand walked outside. I notcied my Saleen s7 , Yep that rich car and before you say anything, yes im rich, was total Trash. Oh and I should tell you about me, Im Ashley, 17 and graduating high school in 2 days. I have dark brown hair and grey eyes. I parked in front of my house and hopped out. Our house was the typical mansion, Chandilers and tile flooring, Maids and Butlers, Personal chefs and swimming pools and an indoor theater. I never wanted this I wanted to be normal like others.

"Dad i'm home" Usually my moms off at work or paying bills.

"Great sweetie I need you to help me with this" My dad pulled me into his private study.

Dad = GRAY HAIR :(  He's 48 and owns some buisiness for like Tablets and phones, Thats why I have the Iphone 6 already. He has been married to my mom for about 21 years.

Mom= ALWAYS WORKING I never get to see her but when I do we have the greatest times together. Shes Blonde and has the Bluest eyes.

" How does it look" He said opening up the door he repainted his study from White to Tan.

"Cool" I shifted around and walked to my room. If you tried to look for my room you wouldn't be able to find it theres like 42 rooms in our house. I smiled as I layed down on my comfortable bed. My rooms definition... Blue walls and BIG I have a revolving closet and a bunch of shoes. My father spoils me so I have a Huge t.v. too. I have many other things but to many to describe.

Three bells went off around the house signaling Breakfast was ready. I walked down the spiral staircase and into the dining room. See there was Ben, Kate, Sherrie, Jackson, and Jayslin they were the chefs. Katylynn was one of our maids aka one of my friends. Matthew was our butler. Other than Maylee Texting me every so often in the masion its pretty much boring.


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