Not stopping me

I've been having dreams about him. I was just ending high school and was at a couple of parties when I had this last dream that was so realistic I needed to find him.


3. Finals and Plans

'Beep' 'Beep' 'Beep' 'Beep' I sat up and hit the snooze button on the alarm clock.

"Urge finals" I stood up and went to take a shower. I got back and slipped on skinny jeans, A floral blouse and Pink heels. I ran downstairs and ate breakfast. I stood up and went to school.

Period 1: Math

          I sat next to Andrew and Samantha. Teacher ,Mr. Bowens. Test: Extra Hard. I didn't even know there was the alphabet in math.  But I tried my hardest I needed to get into  at least Harvard. Square root of 2b really?

Period 2: Science

          I sat next to Tom and Tiasha. Teacher, Mrs. Ensermifle. Ugh two hydrogens One oxegyn three atoms. Really I don't get this. The two most important bones in the body?

Period 3: English

    Sat next to Riley and Peter and our teacher was Mrs. Clien.Write a paragraph of one of you and your bestfriends memory? tf ' 50 Spelling words? Really?

Period 4: Social Studies

    I sit next to Courtney and Rick and Mr.Clarkson. What was the arson river? Where did Captian Entakle Stay?


   "Ash " Courtney waved me over to her table. I went and sat down.

"Party Tomarrow night ok   tell anybody and every body" We finished lunch talking about New updates and how they did in school.

The rest of the day went passed so fast. I headed home and got ready for the party for tomarrow my dad hired the Dj soon after I left for school. We have good food for the party and the waiter outfits will be in tomarrow morning . We have acrobatics and Elephants coming. We'll have Guys eating fire and Saloon girls coming too.

I walked up stairs and made an event on Facebook and already got 2,567 people coming. Trust me this is just 1/8 of my 16th birthday party. I spent the rest of the day talking to my dad and Katelynn. Later I fell asleep of boredness.

~ " Your never to see him agian" My father saw me and justin together. "Father I love him" My dad hit me. He never would lay a hand on me. Justin ran through the door and threw my dad across the room. "Justin" I screamed. My father grabbed a gun in his suit pocket. He shot the gun but I blocked it from hitting justin and it hit me in stead. " Ashley"  My father and Justin screamed. Justin ran over to me, "Ashley You can't die" He started to cry. "I know how to save you its the only way" He kissed me  then bit my neck. It hurt like hell. My eyes closed as if I died. "Ashley" Justin screamed as he became a blur. ~    

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