Not stopping me

I've been having dreams about him. I was just ending high school and was at a couple of parties when I had this last dream that was so realistic I needed to find him.


7. Do you know ?

We went to the guest bedroom and locked it.

"What did you want to talk about" He grabbed my hips and kissed me. He layed me down on the bed. 

"Justin" I whispered as he kissed my neck.

" Justin I screamed as he bit my neck. My nails dugged his back. I grabbed the pocket knife my father gave me. I stabbed him.

"Ashley why did you do that" he yelled in pain. " I was helping you, You need to be a vampire" Courtney rushed in the room.

" How did you get in"  She held up a spare key. She was shocked by My bite marks.

"Ash" She paused "People are l-leaving" she went out the room. I turned towards justin but he was gone. I went to my room and passed out.

~ "Justin" I saw him standing at the end of my bed " Why are you here".

"I need your" He looked around the room "Help". I sat up and he grabbed my hand and we rushed to a big castle. 

"Do you live here" I looked at him. He shook his head no.

" I own it" We walked inside. It was like mine but better.

" I need you to live here with me" He held out his hand. ~

 I hopped up and walked to my bathroom and checked the bite. It was gone. I  texted katelynn to come up to my room.

"Yeah " Katelynn walked up to my room.

" Do you know anything about vampires" I akwardly asked her.

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