Not stopping me

I've been having dreams about him. I was just ending high school and was at a couple of parties when I had this last dream that was so realistic I needed to find him.


2. Another dream

" Dad I need a new car" I said like it was no biggie and it wasn't we had like 10 others in the garage.

"Ok you can go pick out another one in the garage" He said as I sat up from the table. I walked upstairs and changed and re-did my hair. I sat on my bed updating my status and stuff.

'Ashley asap Mall Now food court make it fast' It was Courtney my bfflwatnu (Best friend for life with all the new updates) well yeah. I headed to my dads study and told him I was going to the mall. So I headed to the garage and Picked a Hot Pink Mustang. I arrived at the mall about a couple minutes later. Since I didn't live far from it. I locked my New car and walked up to the mall. I found my bfflwatnu she was sitting at a table with skinny jeans and a purple blouse on.

"Total update: New Cute Heels in Charalotte Russe and The Cutest-" I cut her off.

"The Cutest boy Jcp right now" I started walking towards him. There was a crowd off people and when I got over there he was gone. He looked like the boy from my dreams.

"Hmm soo are you ready to go shopping, yet" Courtney came up behind me scaring me.

"Yeah uhm we need to get dresses to" We went shopping all day and I got the prettiest dress ever. It was Gold with sparkles. 1 strap and showed off my every curve. I hopped in my car and it was a wierd drive home. I saw him. Alot.

I ran up to my room once I got home and unpacked all the thing I got from the mall. I rememb ered I needed to tell my dad about the party.

"Dad can I come in" I was yelling outside of his study because he's alway in there.

"Come in sweetie" I opened the door and shut it behind me.

"Daddy, Can I have a party this Saturday" I asked trying to look cute but failed.

" No" He said with a frown on his face.

" Ok I was going to help you with moms birthday present but ok" He sat up quickly to my teasing sentence.

" Uhm Maybe you can have the party" I walked over to him.

" 8Karrot Diamond on a necklace with her name framing the diamond. I walked out the room like a boss.

"Katelynn" I saw her walking out of the bathroom.

"Hey Ash what up" She stopped infront of me.

"Party saturday I need your pick for the waiters outfits, Blue or Purple" I held up the two outfit pictures that I took at the mall earlier.

"Totally Blue cause I look good in blue" I laughed at her remark and went in my room and crashed.

~   I was walking through the party when I saw him."Its been nice seeing you her" I said as he stopped next to me "Justin". "And you to" He paused like I did "Ashley". He looked as my father was at the top of the staircase. "Can we go somewhere private" He winked. " As so" I grabbed his hand and moved him trough the crowd of people. He looked back at the staircase. My father was gone ~

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