Forbidden love

Nothing is ever as simple as falling in love with someone and living happily ever after. At least not in Elena's case. Struggling with her uncaring mother, she turns to Damon, desperate for someone to talk to. Infactuated by the mysteriousness and chaos that surrounds him, they embark on a relationship that neither of them thought was possible.


9. Chapter 9

It’s been a week since I last heard from him. I can’t even bring myself to think of his name. How could he do this? Straight after I opened up to him, does he even realise how hard that was! Now I have no-one, maybe he was never there to begin with. Just a brief part of my imagination, someone like him doesn’t seem real. What bothers me the most is how much I’ve let this affect me. 2 weeks, 2 fucking weeks since we first met, yet I can’t get him out of my head, he’s in every single thought, and I can’t do anything to stop it. Bonnie and Caroline must be getting tired of me, I keep crashing at one of theirs, maybe I should move on to Tyler? But something tells me Caroline won’t be okay with that damn. I won’t go to Matt, not after the way he spoke to me. I wonder if he will be at school this week. I rolled my eyes as soon as he popped back into my head.

Caroline leant me some of her clothes after a long painful argument, about how not to get them dirty, or rip them. I’ve never understood how someone can care so much about clothes? A meaningless piece of material. We made our way to school, fortunately she lived 10 minutes away so it wasn’t much of a walk. My legs stopped before I had a chance to process Damon standing in front of me. “Excuse me” He waited for me to move, so he could get past. How fucking dare he. I stood there, not moving I wasn’t going to do what he says. He smiled “Always so stubborn” I growled. “Na, I just don’t do what pricks tell me to do, sorry.” His smile only grew bigger, how is he finding this funny, when I’m stood here broken. “Very well” He carefully went past me, allowing no physical contact. That’s it? That’s all he has to say to me. The lump I’ve got to know so well appeared in my throat. I laughed at myself, he doesn’t matter, and none of this does. Only then did I realise, maybe that’s what he was on about? He planned to do this all along.

Throughout the rest of the day I had a face of a slapped dog. I didn’t care about anything, nothing anyone would say would affect me. People talking to me, only seemed like mutters in the background of my thoughts. I kept repeating to myself ‘none of this matters’. Last lesson came, I sat in my now usual seat at the front by myself. “Elena” I stopped, the world passing by in slow motion. I turned to see Stefan sitting next to me. What is he doing here? “Stefan” I tried my best to smile. “How are you?” How am I? A question even I couldn’t answer, I shrugged. “He got to you that bad huh?” I nodded in return of his comment. “Please don’t be angry with him, it’s just how he is”. “How he is? So he’s always been a fucking dickhead huh?” He laughed mildly. “Something like that”.  I frowned, I thought talking to Stefan would make me feel better, but I feel nothing. Those four words making another appearance ‘none of this matters’. “What are you thinking about?” him. “Nothing much” he shook his head. “Look, you obviously care for him, and he does you…” I interrupted him, before he could continue with his pathetic attempt to cheer me up. “He doesn’t care, he doesn’t know what that means”. I half shouted, making a few unwanted stares turn into curiosity. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to take it out on you, he’s just really gotten under my skin, that’s all. After all in the end none of this matters right?” What is with that fucking phrase? One of his eyebrows lifted up in response “None of this matters, is that what he told you?” I nodded my head.  He shook his head muttering to himself ‘What an idiot’ was he talking about me or him? “What?” He looked up at me. “What’s annoying is you don’t understand, you can’t possibly. He’s making it so you never do, you forget and that’s not fair, he always does this”. Does what? “What do you mean?” He sighed “That’s the thing, I can’t explain it, not without telling you”. He’s just as confusing as Damon. “Telling me what?” He smiled. “Damon’s secret, and well mine.” Oh so they both have a secret? The same secret? “Well why can’t you tell me yours?” He sighed again. “That’s not how this works Elena, believe me I want to tell you, put you out of your misery, but it’s not my place. He chose you not me, the annoying thing is he will tell you eventually. But you won’t remember. ” Why does everyone talk in a different language to me? His face lit up “I have an idea” He grabbed my hand pulling me out of the classroom “Come with me.” As if I had a choice… He brought me to a field near Damon’s house. He searched and searched until he came across a plant? That’s what he’s looking for a fucking plant? I tilted my head to the side. “Vervain” verwhat? “Right, so erm not meaning to be rude or anything, but what?” He smiled “Doesn’t matter” Of course nothing does. He went inside Damon’s house, I suddenly no longer felt welcome. He turned to face me “He’s not here, it’s fine, come in” I smiled at his friendliness. I followed him in to the living room. He found a scrappy bracelet that was of no value, and wrapped leaves of the vervain plant around it. He then held it out to me “Where this” huh? “You want me to wear a plant?” He smiled and nodded his head. “Why does it matter?” Of course nothing does. I shook my head, ridding myself of those unwelcome thoughts, what is happening to me? I put on the bracelet. It rubbed against my arm causing me to itch, argh how long do I have to wear this for? “You won’t have to wear it for long, just enough time for the damage he has said no longer affects you” What is he talking about? “Stefan?” He smiled allowing me to continue “Please explain to me why wearing a plant will solve any of this?” He frowned. “I can’t, just wear it. It will all make sense to you soon”. I laughed “That’s what he said, yet it’s soon, and nothing makes sense” Why I ask myself because none…I didn’t allow myself to finish that thought of. Ha maybe it is working. “Look, he cares deeply for you, believe me he does. He just doesn’t know how to show it, he’s never experienced these feelings before. The only person I guess you could say he cared about was me, and well that didn’t turn out great…” He laughed before continuing. “You’re the one Elena, you’re the one who’s ruining everything, don’t take offense at that. For me you’re making everything better. I don’t like how he is, to be honest I never will. But you could stop that, maybe? He’s becoming good the longer you’re in his life”. Somehow I don’t think anything he says will make sense, but heyho. “So what happens now?” he thinks for a second. “We wait, Damon will find an opportunity to finish what he’s started, he will tell you to do something, and whatever you think, do what he tells you to do”. Suddenly I remembered him telling me to move this morning oh. I look at him confused “Why would I do that?” he shrugs. “It’s what he’s expecting, he will throw hints at you, seeing if you’re ready” “Ready for what?” he looks sad. “Ready to leave him, he will tell you the truth about himself, then he will try and make you forget. As long as you are wearing that bracelet you won’t forget. If you want him, or can learn to accept any of what he tells you, then keep on the bracelet, if you don’t then take if off as soon as you have left. It will last for 24 hours, if you take it off in that time, I’m afraid you will forget.” I heard a bang coming from downstairs. “He’s home” crap. Let the games begin.

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