Forbidden love

Nothing is ever as simple as falling in love with someone and living happily ever after. At least not in Elena's case. Struggling with her uncaring mother, she turns to Damon, desperate for someone to talk to. Infactuated by the mysteriousness and chaos that surrounds him, they embark on a relationship that neither of them thought was possible.


6. Chapter 6

I awoke the next morning in bed alone. Vivid images of last night kept filling my brain. But him not being here is making it seem not so real, was it just a dream? No it can’t be. I wrapped the duvet around my naked body and went to look for him. I heard voices coming from one of the billion rooms in this mansion. I hid trying not to be noticed, I heard him muttering to someone, or himself? “God damn it!” Suddenly there was a loud bang against the wall in the room he was in. I jumped knocking over a coat hanger. “Oh crap” Why am I so useless? Then everything was quiet, and he was by my side. “Elena? How long have you been out here?” Crap. “Not long, what’s the matter?” He frowned, thinking of what to say. I started to feel sick, deep down I knew what he was going to say but I didn’t want to believe it. What is your problem Elena? How long have you known this guy? I know it seems stupid, but this feels real. It’s actually the only thing that has felt real in a very long time, even before my dad passed. I was suddenly aware of Damon’s presence. “I don’t know what to say…” He doesn’t know what to say? What the hell does that mean? “Then say nothing”. “Elena…” “Don’t, couldn’t you have waited at least a couple of hours before you started with this bullshit?” He closed his eyes, shaking his head. “Last night shouldn’t have happened, I was too weak” “Too weak? God Damon, who do you think I am? Some devil who forced you into bed?” He smirked “It’s not like that, but you are stronger than you think” I couldn’t take this any longer, I went back to his bedroom and hunted for Bonnies clothes. Oh shit, Bonnies top, now I have nothing to wear! I held back the tears that so desperately want to fall. Damon came up from behind me. “Where do you think you’re going?” I looked at him like he had completely lost it “You just said? I can’t be here” He tilted his head to one side. “So all along you were planning on using me for one thing... my body?”  An unwelcome smile appeared on my face. Shit. “You’re right I did want something from you, I needed to feel something, anything other than what I felt. That was selfish of me, but I can’t stay here, not now, not after last night” He nodded his head, a little part of me wanted him to fight for me, but even then that wouldn’t have changed my mind. He searched through his draws, and pulled out a top and pair of boxer briefs. “Have these” I smiled at him. “Thanks”

 “Can I use your shower?” He nodded. I turned around and started to make my way to his bathroom. “Elena?” he said worriedly. Oh god what have I done now? He was now behind me pulling at the duvet I had wrapped around me. I was about to object when I realised what he was doing. He knelt down and stroked my back. Oh no. “Does it hurt?” “A little” Okay maybe I underestimated how much it hurt but he doesn’t need to know I’m in agony. His hands were on my waist turning me around to face him. He looked pained as he traced his fingers over my stomach, making me wince at the unwanted feeling inside of me. “I want to kill the person who did this to you” He knew it was my mother, but there’s nothing worse than insinuating someone when it’s not them. “It doesn’t matter anymore” He looked at my coldly. “Yes it does” I placed both my hands on his shoulders, “Shower with me?” He nodded his head, knowing I wasn’t up for a fight. He stood up with his back hunched so we were at eye level, I bit my lip in my failed attempt at hiding a smile. He brought his finger up to my mouth and set my lip free from my teeth. He grabbed me, lifting me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist. His mouth found mine, and we were in a passionate embrace whilst he carried me to the bathroom. He turned on the shower, pushing me against the wall. His clothes clung to his body, now soaking wet. I tugged at his t-shirt, until he took it off. I couldn’t move as I was pinned against the wall. His hands were all over me, biting my breasts, I moaned. His hand rubbed against my sex, my hands were in his hair gripping it, pulling him closer to me as his fingers slipped inside of me. I bit my lip trying to control my groans, but he had other ideas. He kissed me and bit down hard on my lip, I couldn’t think about the pain, as the pleasure down there over took all my thoughts. I moaned harder as he sucked my bottom lip. 3 2 1 that glorious feeling that I am so fond of appeared causing my whole body to shake in relief. I am in paradise. But I wanted more, much more, I wanted to touch him, feel him. I kissed his neck, as I undid his jeans, this time he let me. He pulled them down along with his pants. I took this as a good sign, but all too quickly he pressed his hand on my shoulder pushing me against the wall so I couldn’t come any closer. I pouted in disappointment. “Elena, I know what you want, and believe me nothing would make me happier, but I can’t” I sat under the water closing my eyes trying to rid myself of the recent rejection. What is his problem? He sat down beside me. “There are things that you can’t explain to me, and I will never push you, so can I ask you to do the same, for me?” Finally I understood, I can’t push him. I nodded my head. But what does this mean for us? Is he just talking about sex, or being with me? “Friends?” I pleaded, oh god I’m turning into Caroline. I need to sort myself out. Quickly. He smiled, but it didn’t quite meet his eyes. “I’d like that, so you’ll stay here?” I could never turn that down, but being here with him, not being able to touch him, or kiss him will kill me. But I can’t go home, I can’t tell anyone else, I have no other choice. I decided to call his bluff. “On one condition” He tilted his head, waiting for me to continue. “Sleep in bed with me...” He frowned and I quickly continued. “Don’t flatter yourself, not like that, no funny business, I can’t sleep in your bed knowing that you will be on the sofa uncomfortable. It’s not fair, you’re letting me stay with you, I can’t ask for more than that”. “Fine” I smiled clapping my hands, I like getting my own way. Although I still didn’t get what I wanted most, him.

“We need to go to school” Crap I completely forgot about school. “Can we just finish the shower first? Then we can go back to friends”. I smiled at him craving for his touch. He growled as pushed me down, so I’m lying on my back. He kissed me, wrapping his arms around me. I pushed him off me and sat up, I wanted to do this. I slid my hand down from his stomach to his legs. He took a sharp intake of breath. “I can’t Elena” I stared at him, looking deeply into his dark brown eyes. “Please, let me, it’s not sex, I want to return the favour, please” I covered my hand over his face so he could no longer argue, and I shook my head. I leant down and held his penis firmly in my hand, staring at it, I leant in closer taking him in my mouth. I normally found this sickening, I dumped my last boyfriend because he wanted one. I licked the tip of his penis and sucked hard, occasionally nibbling, he started to lose control but I kept going, ignoring his pleads for me to stop. He growled as he came close, then letting go he calmed, unclenching his fists. He took a few moments before opening his eyes to look at me. There was a mild tension in the air, but I chose to ignore it. I placed my hand on his cheek and kissed him which felt like our last kiss. I got up, ignoring him wrapping myself in a towel. I made my way to his bedroom and put on some clothes. I liked wearing his top and boxers, it was weird and hot. He came out of the shower, a towel wrapped round his hips, he didn’t speak to me as he walked past. Why does it feel like I have just done something really bad? Yet I don’t know what. Surely if he wanted me to stop so badly he would have stopped me? For once I am happy, I am not going to let my thoughts get the worst of me, and with that I cleared my mind and went to find Damon. “You ready to go?” His mood completely changed, strange… “Yeah” I smiled.

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