Forbidden love

Nothing is ever as simple as falling in love with someone and living happily ever after. At least not in Elena's case. Struggling with her uncaring mother, she turns to Damon, desperate for someone to talk to. Infactuated by the mysteriousness and chaos that surrounds him, they embark on a relationship that neither of them thought was possible.


3. Chapter 3

Damon took either side of my face between his hands. I closed my eyes relishing his touch. He pulled me closer towards him, looking deeply into my eyes. He bit down hard on my lip causing me to wince at the unexpected pain/pleasure. He closed his eyes sucking the blood from lip and kissed me deeply, I allowed his tongue to enter, exploring different parts of my mouth. His hand moved slowly down my waist as he pulled me closer, wrapping my arms around his waist I continued to kiss him...

My eyes flickered open unwillingly, disappointment struck me as I realised it was just a dream. How have I let him get to me so easily? I looked at the clock, 6.15am. The pain on my left cheek made me forget about any previous thoughts as I rememberd yesterday. I couldn't face her today, so I quickly threw on a pair of shorts, top and a jumper. I rummaged through my room to find my shoes, as soon as I spotted them I put them on and made my way down the stairs. I looked to see if she was present. No all clear, I picked up my bag, and went out the door. I made my way to school knowing it was ridiculously early. It was now 7am, school didn't start for another hour. Luckily the gate was open so I made my way through the car park. It was practically deserted apart from a few cars. I pulled on the door, but it didn't open. Damn. "What are you doing here?". I spun around shocked "Shit, you made me jump". I looked at Damon who was staring at me in horror. He moved closer to me moving his hand towards my face. Before it got there he stopped, looking at me for permission. I nodded, and he traced his fingers over my cheek. Please don't ask please please. He frowned and shook his head. "You should never let anyone touch you without your permission Elena". I didn't answer, only nodding. I then noticed his fingers still on my face, I closed my eyes focusing on his hand. He didn't move, his fingers remaining on my cheek. This feels so good.. Instantly he removed his hand and put it deep into his pocket. "I need to go" He said before turning and walking away. I pouted, what is this guys problem? Or better yet what is mine? I wanted to go after him but my feet remained where they were, too scared to follow.

My phone began to buzz, and I noticed a text from Matt. 'El, are you okay? Yesterday was weird...'. I frowned reading his message. 'Matt, i'm fine, I hurt my back and Damon took me to the hospital'. Seconds later my phone buzzed again. 'The new kid? He seems strange...'. I had the sudden urge to defend him, but then again he is strange. Instead I decided to change the subject. 'Where are you?'. 'At home? It's 7.30!'. I forgot he lived 5 minutes away from school. 'I'm coming round in 5'. As soon as I got to his, I noticed the door was wide open. I walked in and found him sitting in the livingroom wearing his boxer shorts. "So you had time to open the door, but not to change huh?" I began to laugh. He flushed, and then smiled. "My bad I guess". He left the room immediatley and came back a couple of minutes later, dressed. "Better?" he asked. "Much". "Anyway what happened with you this morning, why so early?". My mum hit me round the face, so I left early avoiding her bla bla. "Just felt like leaving earlier.." Remembering that, I need to put make up on my face, I can't have anyone else noticing it. I blushed thinking about Damon touching my face. "Matt i'm gonna use your bathroom" I walked out the room to the bathroom. I stared back at myself in the mirror. My pale face, with a light shade pink underneath my eye and cheek. I frowned covering it up with foundation. Luckily it isn't that noticeable, but then again Damon noticed it as soon as he saw me. I then went and joined Matt in the livingroom. "Shall we go?" I am excited to see Damon again, although I would never admit that out loud. We got to school and was greeted by Bonnie and Caroline, I hugged them both. Bonnie pulled me to one side. "So you and matt..?" Annoyance filled my body, why does everyone assume me and Matt are dating? "What about us?" I said dryly. She picked up on my tone and dismissed her recent thought. "Never mind".

I looked around but I couldn't see Damon anywhere. Caroline pulled me by the arm as we walked to first lesson. We were both interrupted by Tyler, as he pulled Caroline into an embrace. I sighed heavily, that was then I spotted Damon standing by a bench. He turned in my direction and then pulled Sarah towards him, flinging his arm over her shoulder, his eyes never leaving mine. Sending me a message that he was taken. Oh. I stared for a few moments when I turned in the opposite direction and walked off into school. Of course he is with Sarah, the schools tart. She has been with every guy in this school, even Matt... Why was I jealous? I barley know him, we met yesterday for christ sake. But the thought of him with her... Caroline caught up with me, almost tripping over her own foot. "Jesus Elena, you could have told me you were going". "Sorry, you seemed sort of preoccupied with erm Tyler". She frowned at my sudden mood change. Neither of us said a word to eachother for the rest of the day. Last lesson we had Mr Doherty again, Damon sat up front with a bunch of girls, what is he some sort of player? I rolled my eyes in disgust eurgh. At the end of the lesson as I was walking out the classroom Damon stopped me. I wasn't in the mood. "Are you gonna move?" I looked up at him, big mistake. I stared into his eyes not being able to look away. "I need to talk to you" he said harshly. He stepped aside allowing me to move past him. I stopped and turned to face him. "What do you want? Sarah's over there" I nodded my head towards hair, my expression cold. He smirked but didn't share any of his thoughts. He passed me a note. "I just wanted to give you this, that was all, but I can see I have caught you at a bad time, good bye Elena". With that he walked off heading towards the front of the school, satisfied that he didn't go to her, I opened the note... 'Elena, I can see that things are hard for you at the moment. If you ever need anything or help, or even someone to talk to, call me - 07823451102, Damon.' I stared at it in disbelief not knowing what to think, I scrunched up the note and put it in my pocket. Will he ever stop giving me mix signals?

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