Forbidden love

Nothing is ever as simple as falling in love with someone and living happily ever after. At least not in Elena's case. Struggling with her uncaring mother, she turns to Damon, desperate for someone to talk to. Infactuated by the mysteriousness and chaos that surrounds him, they embark on a relationship that neither of them thought was possible.


23. Chapter 23

Damon gave me a ring that day, he told me that it would protect me from the sun. So I could walk in daylight, I’ve always wondered why he didn’t burn in the sun. The craving I had for human blood burnt in my throat, a constant reminder that I was no longer human. It’s like someone pouring boiling hot water straight from the kettle down your throat. Will my throat ever stop hurting? I wonder what it would be like to drink blood from a human, will I be able to stop? I couldn’t deal with killing anyone. The last time people saw me I was in a hospital unconscious, they probably thought I was going to die. But I’m here alive, well sort of. I went down the stairs to look for Damon, he was sat on the sofa talking to Stefan through the phone. My hearing is unbelievable, I can hear their whole conversation. Someone knocked at the door my attention focused on the human standing outside. My throat burning in desire. I stayed back whilst Damon opened it, it was Bonnie, sweet loving Bonnie. “Where is she Damon?” Bonnie asked annoyed. I don’t want Damon to get into trouble. “I don’t know what you mean” he said dryly. “Please, I know you would never leave her, I come back and you’re both gone” the iciness in her tone getting stronger. “Bonnie, I’m really fucking busy right now. Come back later” he then slammed the door in her face. I felt sorry for her, but after everything she said to me she kind of deserved it. Damon noticed me standing in the corner, he smiled and approached me. “Hey beautiful” he kissed me on the lips. “Hey yourself” I smiled. “Damon?” he paused waiting for me to continue. “Does Stefan know that I’m a vampire?” he nodded. “I thought about not telling him, but he will live as long as us, so it will be hard him not finding out. He will be around later, and then we can leave”. After everything that has happened I completely forgot about leaving. “What about Bonnie and that lot?” he frowned. “Elena, you’re a vampire now you have needs. Do you think you could stand to be around any of them?” Bringing up my hunger only made the burning worse, I flinched. “Okay, so we leave tonight” I tried my best to smile. “Just you and me” I added. He kissed me “Forever”

I needed to see my mother before I left, I needed to show her I was no longer weak little Elena. I no longer feared her, as I was stronger, faster and better in every way possible. I needed to make sure I wasn’t seen by anyone. “Damon where is she?” He shook his head. “Do you really want to see her?” I laughed “Is that a trick question?” he smiled proudly. “Go make the bitch pay, she’s at her house” I nodded satisfied and with that I left. I walked in the sunlight unaffected due to my ring. I was shocked at how fast I could go, I was there in minutes. I wanted to break the door down, but I waited outside patiently as she opened the door. She was shocked to see me alive. “Hi mother” I smiled. She didn’t speak, her mouth dropped to the floor. “Surprised to see me?” I demanded no emotion in my tone. She remained silent, and stepped back. I went to walk in but something stopped me, a force that I couldn’t break. I tilted my head to the side, I tried and tried but I couldn’t get in. She continued to stare at me not saying anything. “Well are you going to invite me in?” I asked coldly. “Would you like to come in?” she asked terrified. I tried once more, the force shattered allowing me through. I must remember to ask Damon about that. I walked straight up to her towering over her. “Elena you look, I don’t know different” she trembled. “I don’t know, it might be because you tried to kill me?” I tilted my head to the side. “About that, I’m sorry” tears filled her eyes. “Sorry? Would you be thinking that if I died?” I ignored the burn that raged down my throat, I needed to scare her show her I wasn’t weak. She shook her head “No Elena, I promise. You mean everything to me, I’m sorry we fought, I’m sorry I hit you.” This only angered me, for years I would have forgiven her for a pathetic speech like that. I grabbed her by the neck lifting her up, her eyes widened. “Give me the necklace” I let her go and she ran up the stairs. Minutes later she still hadn’t come back, I strolled up the stairs taking my time enjoying this. I kicked down the door, and held out my hand. “Give me the necklace, or I swear to god I will kill you” She faked a laugh and sat there huddled in a corner. “The police are on their way Elena, get out” she screamed. I kept my voice controlled “Oh good then we can tell them how you tried to kill me?” She smiled “What proof do you have Elena? You look fine, better than before”. “Necklace” I held out my hand, then I spotted it round her neck, the bitch thinks she can wear my fucking necklace. I sat down in front of her and took the necklace in my hand pulling it off her neck. “You can’t take that it’s mine” she shouted. “No mother I believe it is mine, dad gave it to me” I said coldly. She lifted her hand in the air, everything in slow motion. I grabbed her hand stopping it before it hit me, I then pushed her back smacking her head against the wall. I grabbed her face in my hands, and looked her directly in the eye. “Try to hit me one more time, try to take anything back from me, try to get me in trouble I will break your neck, understand?” I smiled and stood up. I was gone in a matter of seconds, only to see Damon standing outside. “You were amazing in there” he smiled and I nodded. “But if I were you, I would have killed the bitch” I looked back at the door. “I want her to suffer, let’s leave” I said.

 “Elena?” Bonnie called after me. Oh shit. I tried my best to ignore her, only making her repeat herself. Damon grabbed my arm pulling me away, I was too strong. I pulled my arm from his “Let me handle this Damon” I gestured him to go. It took him a few moments to listen, but eventually he left. I turned to face Bonnie. She ran up to me before coming to a halt she stared at me stunned. “Elena is that you?” I nodded unaware of what to say. Things didn’t go well after the last time we saw each other. “You’re alive” she smiled. I wanted to laugh at how wrong she was but I remained silent. “You look different Elena, you look good. You wouldn’t think you were in an accident a couple of days ago” she seemed confused. “Well you know me, I’m a fighter” I smiled coldly. “Look I’m sorry okay, what I did was harsh. You have to understand, you shut me out. You always do that why?” I sighed. “I find it hard to let people in Bon, I can’t help that it’s how I am” she shook her head. “You let Damon in, of all people. But not your best friend, we’ve been friends for years Elena” she looked annoyed. Why does Damon have to be brought into everything? “Bonnie, I am not going to justify or explain my relationship with Damon to you. You lost that right, when you bailed on me. I tried to let you in Bonnie, when my dad died I changed and you found that hard to accept”. “No Elena, I was there for you, we all were but you wouldn’t let any of us in that’s not my fault” she said coldly. “Oh well I’m sorry it was my fault” I said sarcastically. “You’re impossible, I’m sorry about your mum” this took me aback. “You know about my mum?” she nodded. “I’ve always known Elena, think about the amount of times I’ve invited you to sleep round. I don’t ask questions because you don’t like it. I didn’t know how bad it got until well it was too late” she frowned. “I miss you Bonnie” I pulled her into a hug and she froze backing away from me. I looked at her confused “What’s wrong?” Her expression changed to disgust and sadness. “What has he done to you?” she shrieked. “I don’t understand?” “Don’t play dumb Elena, you know exactly what I’m talking about” she said coldly. “Well it has nothing to do with you” I shouted. It didn’t surprise me she knew, she knows everything. “I’m going to kill him” I grabbed her arm “Leave him alone Bonnie”. An excruciating pain filled my head pushing me to the floor, I screamed. The pain disappeared “Don’t touch me” I looked up at her stunned what the fuck was that? “Bonnie, never judge a situation until you fully understand it. I was going to die, do you understand that? Would you rather me dead?” I could feel my anger raging, the feelings and thoughts I had were unthinkable. “You died 3 days ago” she said coldly. I stood there shocked and hurt. “Fuck you Bonnie” I didn’t dare touch her, I didn’t want that pain to reappear in my head. I pushed past her running as fast as I could, people hardly noticing me as I ran past. I was fast, really fast, everything in slow motion, looking at the world in detail. I was positive that this lifestyle was made for me.

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