Forbidden love

Nothing is ever as simple as falling in love with someone and living happily ever after. At least not in Elena's case. Struggling with her uncaring mother, she turns to Damon, desperate for someone to talk to. Infactuated by the mysteriousness and chaos that surrounds him, they embark on a relationship that neither of them thought was possible.


22. Chapter 22

Damon’s POV

I walked back and forth throughout Elena’s hospital room. Stefan was by my side trying to calm me down. “What if she doesn’t make it?” I asked him. “She will Damon” he said but I didn’t believe him. I know what I need to do, but I can’t. “Don’t” Stefan warned me. “I can’t let her die Stefan I can’t”. Bonnie and Caroline showed up outside the door. “What are you doing here?” I glared at them. “We came to see Elena” Bonnie spoke for the both of them. I didn’t like them but they were friends of Elena, I nodded. They came and sat next to Elena holding each of her hands. “Is she going to be alright?” Caroline asked tears in her eyes. “I don’t know” the nurse came into the room. “How is she?” I asked. She told me straight away, not knowing I compelled her earlier to do so. “I don’t know quite how to say this, she suffered a big blow to the head, the cuts are too deep. I don’t think she’s going to make it” I refused to listen to her. I’m not going to let her die, I won’t. I waited for Bonnie and Caroline to leave, I asked Stefan to leave me alone with her. I sat down next to her, I held her hand. “I will make everything okay Elena I promise” I peeled back her layers allowing my access to her skin. I bit into her skin hard, it took everything in my power not to suck her blood. I allowed the venom to sink in before I carefully broke her neck killing her. It felt so wrong, but I knew I needed to do it. I looked around the hallway… All clear. I picked Elena up and climbed out the window sneaking round the back trying not to be noticed. I made my way back to mine resting her on my bed. “Please wake up baby please, do this for me” I fell asleep holding her hand leaning my head on the bed.

Elena’s POV

My eyes fluttered open, everything appeared brighter, louder. I noticed Damon beside me holding my hand I squeezed it, was I having a bad dream? He looked up at me tears in his eyes. “Elena” he said. I smiled at him “Hey” he shook his head. “How do you feel?” I shrugged “weird”. “What do you remember?” everything suddenly came back to me. “She hit me” I said terrified. He sat up on the bed pulling me into his arms “Elena it’s alright” “What happened to me Damon?” He sighed. “You almost died, well you did die I killed you sort of” I started to panic “What you killed me, wait what?” I half shouted.  “Listen Elena, you were going to die. I sort of saved you by killing you”. I didn’t know what to say. “You saved me by killing me?” I asked confused. “I did something before I killed you” he said wryly. “What?” he sighed. “I bit you” my breathing quickened. “I’m a vampire?” I’m stunned. “Not quite” he said shy. “Oh” disappointed rushed through me. “You have to drink blood in order to become one, you’re in transition mode” I looked up at him. “If I don’t?” He closed his eyes. “Then you die” I started to worry. He held me tighter “I won’t let you die Elena” he said boldly. “I’m tired” I moaned. “You can’t sleep Elena, you need to drink” I sighed. “I don’t want to kill anyone Damon” “You won’t have to” he got up off the bed and exited the room. He came back with some blood, the things you get from the hospital. You want me to drink this? I asked. I thought blood would be appealing to me, but it seems so gross. He laughed “Trust me it will taste good” I eyed it suspiciously before bringing it to myself. I sucked on it, suddenly craving it. I sucked harder till all the blood was gone. It tasted so good. “You want some food?” Damon asked. I felt my stomach twist. “Ew no” He laughed loudly. I suddenly felt so alive, I looked at Damon smiling widely. I pushed him against the wall kissing him hard. I bit down on his lip, blood dripped down his chin I sucked it. He groaned pushing me against another wall books falling to the floor. He ripped off my clothes, leaving me naked. I pushed him on the bed tearing off his clothes. I pushed myself on him, until he was inside of me. I moved up and down, both trying to catch our breaths. I continued kissing him pushing him in and out of me. I cried out as I exploded around him, he released into me moments later. “I love you baby” he said between breaths. “I love you” he kissed me again. “You’re now mine officially” Damon whispered. I shook my head “I was always yours Damon” he nodded smiling.  I couldn’t quite believe it I was a vampire.

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