Forbidden love

Nothing is ever as simple as falling in love with someone and living happily ever after. At least not in Elena's case. Struggling with her uncaring mother, she turns to Damon, desperate for someone to talk to. Infactuated by the mysteriousness and chaos that surrounds him, they embark on a relationship that neither of them thought was possible.


21. Chapter 21

I woke up groaning at my headache. “You okay?” Damon asked. “Yeah just have a headache” Damon kissed my forehead. “Damon?” He looked at me. “Yeah?” I rest my head on his chest “I want to be like you” he sighed. “Are you ever going to let this go?” I shook my head. “What if you don’t like it? Then what? You’ll blame me for it” he moaned. “No I won’t, Damon it’s my decision” he sighed. “I want you to be a vampire…” “What?” I interrupted him stunned. “I want to change you, have my blood carried in you for you to be mine officially… But I just couldn’t do that to someone so innocent”. “Why do you keep saying I’m innocent?” I asked curious. “Elena you wouldn’t hurt a fly, you have a lot of anger in you I can see that. You’ve been hurt a lot you’re vulnerable”. I shook my head “And that’s exactly what I don’t want to be” he lay on top of me, kissing me to stop me talking. “This is our last night here” I nodded sad. He kissed me “What do you want to do?” I raised my eyebrow, he knew my answer. “Except for that” I groaned spreading my arms across the bed. Today was close to my version of heaven, sappy I know but true. We spent a lot of the day in bed, cuddled up to each other. The evening he cooked me dinner, which I appreciated. He made lasagne mmm. “Thank you this is lovely” I smiled at him. “What do you think about this place?” “I love it Damon, I definitely prefer it to your mansion” he laughed. “How would you like to live here with me?” I stared at him in disbelief. “Are you serious?” I asked excitedly. He smiled at my response nodding his head “I love you Elena, and want to spend the rest of your life with you” I closed my eyes, this made me sad. “Why not the rest of your life?” I frowned. “Believe me Elena, the rest of my life won’t be worth living without you”. “Then why not change me? Then we can live together forever” I smiled hopeful. “I can’t do that to you Elena, now please drop it and answer the question” I’ve completely side-tracked myself “What was the question?” “Move in here with me” I nodded my head, we may disagree on my lifestyle choice at the moment but I will persuade him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him “I love you Damon” I nuzzled my face in his neck. “I love you too” he said warmly. “When are we moving in?” I asked smiling. “Whenever you want” I jumped up and down. “How about after this weekend? Go home say our goodbyes?” He nodded kissing me.

We went home the next day, the first thing we did was go back to his. I noticed Stefan, oh no will I never see Stefan again? What happens to him? Then I remembered our argument, which I had just completely forgotten about. “Elena, can we talk?” I nodded. I went and sat down on the sofa “I’m sorry, I was a dick you didn’t deserve that” I smiled and hugged him. “I’ve missed you Stefan” he hugged me back tightly. “Me too” I wonder if he knows me and Damon are going away, maybe I should let Damon tell him. I went up to Damon’s room to search for my phone. It took me a while, I finally found it under the pillow. 23 messages and 16 missed calls, I opened up the messages a lot of them were from Tyler asking where I am, a couple from Bonnie. One of them caught my eye it was from my mother. ‘We need to talk, I’m sorry for everything I crossed the line. I have your stuff, I never burnt it I lied, come home – mum x’ I stared at it for a while, do I honestly believe what she is saying? I text Bonnie, Caroline, Tyler and Matt ‘Meet me by our usual spot at 4pm – El’. It’s better if I talk to them all at once.

Damon came up from behind me, his arms wrapping around me. “Hey beautiful” I leant my head back on to his chest. “Hey yourself” I smiled. “You sure about leaving?” I nodded. I haven’t been so sure about anything, well other than being a vampire… “I would go anywhere with you Damon” he smiled kissing me gently. “I’m going to say my good byes, have you spoken to Stefan?” I asked. “Not yet but I will don’t worry, say your good byes meet me back here when you’re ready” I smiled and nodded. 

I waited at a familiar field where me and my friends used to spend lots of nights there. They were already there when I arrived some looked annoyed others happy to see me. I smiled at them all as they greeted me. “Why have you brought us to a freezing field in the winter?” Caroline moaned. I rolled my eyes “I know we haven’t been close recently, I’ve lost all of you. But throughout all of this I will always think of you as my family. I’m moving away and I just wanted to say a proper good bye”. “You have got to be kidding me” Matt moaned. “Please tell me not with those Salvatore brothers” Caroline shrieked. “With Damon after he hurt you?” Bonnie asked shocked. Tyler remained silent not knowing what to say. “Yes with Damon, I know none of you like him but I love him and you all need to understand that. He makes me happy. Caroline rolled her eyes “So what he makes you happy, you can’t suddenly take off and move every time someone makes you happy, that’s just stupid”. I ignored her snide comment. “I will miss all of you, it’s only 2 hours away I still hope to see you all, that’s If you still want to see me”. Matt shook his head “I can’t fucking believe this”. Tears fell from Bonnie’s eyes “I can’t believe you chose them over us” she said coldly. I shook my head “It’s not like that Bonnie” she ignored me and spoke to Caroline. “I think we should go” Caroline nodded and spoke to Tyler. “Come on Ty” he shook his head. “Can you give me one minute with El?” he asked her. “Whatever” She walked off annoyed, before turning to me. “Don’t come running back to us when Damon dumps you” she said dryly. Fucking bitch. I looked over to Matt, he shook his head and followed Bonnie and Caroline. I looked at Tyler who was walking towards me “I’m going to miss you El, stay safe. If you ever need anything call me ok?” I nodded hugging him tightly. “Thank you” he pulled away. “For what?” he asked confused. “For being you, I love you Ty” he pulled me back into the hug. “I love you too more than you will ever know” we hugged for a few more minutes before he released me. I kissed his cheek and left, I needed to go one more place before I left for good.

I knocked on my mother’s door, she opened it looking sad. “Elena” she tried her best to smile. “I’ve come here for my stuff” I said coldly, I owed her nothing. She rolled her eyes “Is that all you care about huh?” I nodded. “Fucking typical, don’t you care about me at all?” She asked annoyed. I shook my head, honestly she was dead to me. I followed her inside as she went to get my stuff, she handed me a bag. “Thank you” I made my way to the door. I paused before opening the door “Please give me my necklace he gave me?” I turned to see her reaction. “I will give it to you if you stay” I shook my head. “That’s not fair” she looked at me coldly “Yes it is, your my daughter” I laughed. “Yeah you should have thought about that before you beat me” I said dryly. She grabbed me by the hair pushing me up against the wall. I wasn’t going to take this anymore I slapped her hard across the face. She stepped back looking at me angrily. She grabbed my neck strangling me thumping my head against the wall. I heard banging on the door, but it was too far away I couldn’t concentrate. ‘Elena’ Damon shouted. That was the last thing I heard before passing out.

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