Forbidden love

Nothing is ever as simple as falling in love with someone and living happily ever after. At least not in Elena's case. Struggling with her uncaring mother, she turns to Damon, desperate for someone to talk to. Infactuated by the mysteriousness and chaos that surrounds him, they embark on a relationship that neither of them thought was possible.


18. Chapter 18

I woke up beside Damon, he was still asleep. I lay there going over last night, did that really happen? I wouldn’t let myself believe it until he woke up. I might still be dreaming, but what does this even mean? Horror struck through me, he was drunk… Oh no, what if it was just the alcohol. His eyes fluttered open. “Good morning” he smiled, I smiled back at him not knowing what to say. “So last night was urm unexpected” I laughed. “Yeah something like that” he sat up. “Damon?” he looked at me “Mmm?” here it goes… “Last night, what did that mean?” he shook his head. “Why do you have to overthink everything Elena, is it not possible you could live in the moment?” I sighed. He kissed me on the forehead “Why can’t you believe that I love you and want to be with you?” he loves me. My inner goddess jumping up and down. “Because nothing is ever that simple” he smiled. “True, and tell me, what about this is simple?” I smiled “Okay I suppose”. My phone buzzed I noticed 14 missed calls from Matt oh fuck. “Hey matt, I’m sorry I forgot to ring you” Damon stared at me. “Elena where the fuck have you been? I’ve been worried sick” Matt shouted down the phone. I winced at his tone “I was with Damon, I really am sorry” I heard him mutter something ‘fucking Salvatore’s’ I chose to ignore it. “Okay well bye” he hung up. “I didn’t know you were friendly with Matt again?” Damon said coldly. “Yeah, I stayed at his the other night” Damon got off the bed putting on his boxers and jeans “Hmm” he walked out the room. What the fuck? What’s it to him who I’m friends with? I put on his shirt and pants and ran down the stairs jumping on him. “Don’t be jealous” I giggled kissing him on the lips. Damon put me down “Elena, we have company” I looked to see Stefan standing by the door. I can’t catch a fucking break. “Oh hey Stefan” I gave him my best smile. He stood there awkwardly and nodded in my direction focusing his attention back to Damon “We need to talk” Damon nodded. I took this as the best time to leave, feeling embarrassed and unwanted I made my way back to Damon’s room. I listened to their conversation from upstairs. ‘So you managed to win back Elena’ Stefan fumed. ‘She was never yours to fight for’ Damon said dryly. ‘No but you didn’t take care of her Damon, I did’. ‘When are you going to let me forget that? I would do anything for her and you know that. I made a mistake, I thought you’d be used to my mistakes by now’ Damon moaned. What am I ament to say to Stefan? I never asked him to like me. Why does he have to make things even more complicated than they already are?

 I got up off the bed running down the stairs pulling Stefan’s arm. I signalled to Damon I’d be 5 minutes. Stefan and I went out into the woods. “What is going on Stefan?” I cried. He bent his head down allowing no eye contact. “I’m sorry” “I’m sick of everyone apologising to me instead of giving me a straight answer, tell me”. He sighed “I like you Elena, really like you. I didn’t think Damon was coming back and everything was going so well for us”. Hell fucking no. “Stefan I love you so much, you are like a brother to me. I would do almost anything for you, but I am in love with Damon. I’m sorry that you feel that way, I wish we can get past it because I can’t live my life without you, without either of you”. He nodded “Yeah we can, I just wish you would have chosen the right brother”. I shook my head “It’s not about what is right for me, because to be honest neither of you are. Me and Damon fit, I’ve never felt that way about someone before”. He nodded “I need to go Elena, but I will see you at school in a bit, maybe we could get some lunch?” I smiled “Yeah that would be nice” I hugged him tightly and made my way back to Damon. “What was that all about?” Damon eyed me suspiciously. “Like you didn’t listen to that entire conversation” I rolled my eyes and he laughed. “You know me well Elena… Now where were we” he kissed me on my lips “Ah yeah I remember” he carried on kissing me. I wrapped my arms around him. After 3 minutes of pure bliss he stopped “School” he said followed by my groan. “You’re interrupting this… for that?” I asked tilting my head. “Elena you need to go to school” I shook my head. “Yes Elena, what are you planning on doing in the future, job?” I haven’t thought about my future, but then I realised that whatever happened it included him. “Living in the moment I guess” he smiled. “Come on” he grabbed my hand. We got dressed and he drove us to school. I could feel the eyes staring at the car waiting for whoever to get out. We got out avoiding the stairs. We walked to class side by side, the desperation I felt wanting to reach over and take his hand. But I wasn’t sure how he would react, I don’t even know how he feels about us. Sure he loves me, but how many times has he told me we can’t be together. I got to class and this time he sat next to me, shocking me as he has never sat next to me before. “You’re working in groups today” Damon rolled his eyes and placed his desk in front of mine so we were opposite each other. “Hey partner” he smiled. “Where’s Stefan? He said he will be here”. “Always worrying, he’s been held up he will be here soon”. “How close are you?” he tilted his head to the side. “How do you mean?” “Well you said you argued you don’t agree with each other, it’s awkward at the moment. Yet you are always there for each other if you get me”. He frowned “It was awkward for you, not for us. We’ve overcome a lot in the past, we’ve killed each other before. But deep down he’s my brother and I can’t ignore that” I nodded ignoring the comment about killing each other. “So you both are okay?” He nodded. “Can I ask you a question?” “Well you’re going to anyway” I smiled. “How old are you?” He looked around to see if anyone was listening, he wrote down a number on a piece of paper and slid it towards me. 312 holy fuck! I stared at him in shock yet fascinated. “It must get quite boring” “How so?” “312 years, of doing what?” he smiled. “This and that trust me you never get bored. It’s the most alive I’ve ever felt, It has it’s downfalls sure but I wouldn’t change it. Just think, if I was normal I wouldn’t be here today having this conversation with you. Maybe that would be a good thing I suppose”. I shook my head “Don’t talk like that” he shrugged. “Just telling it how it is, I’m not good for you Elena, but you know that and choose to be with me why?” I looked down and then back up at him what do I say to that? “I’ve never felt like this before, this urge I have, the need I have for something or someone. I am completely compelled by you without you doing anything. I find your lifestyle, I don’t know exciting, different. To live life not giving a damn about anything, to do anything you want to live the way you want”. He smiled “You’d make a good vampire” that’s a thought I’d never considered. “People like me can become vampires?” He stared at me confused “Elena, how do you think me and Stefan are vampires?” I shrugged “I don’t know you were born like it?” he laughed. “In order to be a vampire you have to be bitten by one”. “So you were bitten, by who?” he frowned. “A women named Katherine” The thought of a women’s venom inside of him turning him annoys me. “What was she to you?” He shrugged “I don’t know, it was all just a game to her. Stefan and I completely compelled literally. I thought I loved her, I would have died for her, but she didn’t give a damn about me. She loved Stefan”. This is new information. “She chose Stefan over you?” He nodded. That explains why they have had their differences. “Damon?” “Hmm?” here it goes… “What are we, like what is happening with us?” “Overthinking again” I nodded. “I know, but I need to know please” he sighed. “What do you want?” “You” “You have me” this made me smile. “So does that make us official?” his brow lifted. “Official?” I nodded. “I guess so” I could tell this annoyed him. “You don’t want to be?” I frowned. “Yes” he said dryly. “You don’t sound too convincing” he frowned. “It’s all happening at once, you hated me and I learnt to live with that because I thought I deserved it. But now everything’s different, I’ve never been in this type of situation, never had a girlfriend, and never loved someone.” “Do you like it?” he shrugged. “Yeah, but have you ever wanted more, much more?” he wants more? A punch to the heart. “What do you mean?” he sighed. “I want you in every way possible Elena, I want you to be mine forever”. “What are you talking about haven’t you figured it out yet? I am yours”. He shook his head “You’re mine in theory” I tilted my head “Explain” he shook his head “Never mind, don’t worry about it”. “Damon!” I moaned. “We’ll talk about this another time” I was suddenly aware of everyone around us, trying to listen to our conversation nosey bastards. “Are you planning on getting any work done today?” We turned to see Mr Jenks looking at us. “Yeah, we were just thinking about ideas” I lied. “Yeah sure you were, get to work or I will split you” The idea of me and Damon being split did not sit well with me. Damon rest his hand on my knee, I smiled at him. Lesson was finally over with no work done but feeling completely satisfied I walked out of class. Damon took my hand in his, reading my mind from earlier. We walked hand in hand down the hallway, everyone staring but I didn’t care.

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