Forbidden love

Nothing is ever as simple as falling in love with someone and living happily ever after. At least not in Elena's case. Struggling with her uncaring mother, she turns to Damon, desperate for someone to talk to. Infactuated by the mysteriousness and chaos that surrounds him, they embark on a relationship that neither of them thought was possible.


17. Chapter 17

I went to work with Matt today, we met Tyler there. The place was very busy, I never had a chance to sit down and think. I was happy about that. All I do is think and it gets me nowhere. Bonnie and Caroline came in at one point. Bonnie was welcoming, Caroline on the other hand was difficult. Tyler told her to give me a break, only making them argue. I told Tyler not to worry about it “I don’t want you two to argue over me, its fine”. He felt bad for me, but I honestly didn’t care what Caroline thought of me. I stayed behind at work, telling Matt I’ll call him later. Jason was nice, we talked for a while. I helped clean up the place, Jason left me to it giving me the keys to lock up. I was there for about an hour cleaning, I was pretty impressed with my efforts at the end.

I heard footsteps, I peeped round the staircase to find Damon stumbling down the stairs drunk. “Damon” I shouted running up to him. “What the fuck are you doing?” “Elena” he smiled. “You can’t keep doing this, showing up and disappearing in and out of my life. It’s not fair” I frowned. “I know Elena, I’m sorry about yesterday, I was just pissed at Stefan. I know you wouldn’t have done that. The way I talked to you… I’m sorry” I nodded. “You don’t forgive me?” I sighed. “I do, that’s the problem, I keep forgiving you. You keep apologising, you need to stop messing up”. “That’s the thing Elena, I’m a screw up, haven’t you realised that already?” I held his head in my hands, looking him directly in the eye. “No Damon, I don’t believe that. You care, you love me I know you do. You keep punishing yourself, saying the wrong thing, for what? You’re not only punishing yourself, you’re also hurting me and I know you don’t want to do that”. He looked down “I’m…” “I swear to god if you apologise one more time” we both laughed. “Come home with me” he pleaded. I shook my head “I can’t Damon” he grabbed my arm pulling me up the stairs. “I can make you” I sighed “Yes you can, but you would never do anything against my will”. “I need you Elena” I closed my eyes savouring the words. He needed me, I needed to be strong, but even as I said the words to myself, my wall I so carefully built was breaking. “What then? I come home with you, what about tomorrow and the next day? Will you still be there? Because Damon I can’t keep doing this, it hurts too much. You’re breaking me and I can’t take it anymore”. He frowned “I want you Elena, I need you, forever. You are my life, I will do anything for you”. He said the words I needed to hear, but whether he meant them I didn’t know. I kissed him hard, pushing him against the wall. He lifted me up, I locked up and he drove us home. He opened the door, pulling me along with him. He carried me to his bedroom pushing me on to the bed. Kissing me, ripping off my clothes. He let me take off all of his. Seconds later he was inside of me, I shrieked at the sudden movement. He pushed in and out of me hard, I cried out. His face changed his eyes red with hunger. I brought his face down to mine and kissed around his eyes, it didn’t scare me. “Its okay Damon” he tried to look away from me but I kept his head in place. “I want to see you, don’t you understand? It doesn’t bother me Damon, I want all of you”. The pushing got harder as he went in and out of me, mixed with pain and pleasure. I loved this man, the feelings I had was extraordinary something I’ve never experienced. We both released at the same time, crying out. We lay in bed naked, wrapped up in each other. I soon fell asleep happy and content, I haven’t felt like this in so long.

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