Forbidden love

Nothing is ever as simple as falling in love with someone and living happily ever after. At least not in Elena's case. Struggling with her uncaring mother, she turns to Damon, desperate for someone to talk to. Infactuated by the mysteriousness and chaos that surrounds him, they embark on a relationship that neither of them thought was possible.


10. Chapter 10

Chapter 10

“Stefan!” I whispered. He shook his head “Not here, not now”. I frowned, why can’t someone just tell me what the hell is going on? I nodded, and followed him down the stairs. “What is she doing here?” Anger rose within me, I answered before Stefan had a chance to answer. “She has a name, or have you got sudden amnesia?” I said sarcastically. He smiled “I’m sorry, what is Elena doing here?” Again I decided to speak for Stefan. “Why can’t you just ask me yourself?” He shook his head “I’m sorry, Elena what are you doing here?” I smiled, see wasn’t so hard. It’s weird to think I once thought he was polite ha. “Stefan invited me over, we were doing some homework” I lied. “Elena, come here”. Oh fuck, I walked up to him. He smiled and nodded. “Why are you doing this?” I asked disgusted. He frowned “I’m sorry” tears formed. I nodded and walked out his house. I heard Damon shout at Stefan “What are you doing inviting her here? Do you not realise how hard this is for me!” I stopped, listening to their conversation. “You can’t do this to her Damon, she cares about you I even think she’s falling for you. Why are you throwing this away?” “Because it’s what I do, I don’t listen to people, I don’t care” my heart started to break. “You care about her Damon, that’s why you are doing this”. The shouting only got louder “What do you want me to say huh? That I’m falling madly in love with her? Because I am, but none of this matters, she’s not good for me and i’m definitely not good for her. She deserves everything, and I can’t be that for her”. I sulked home not wanting to hear the rest. He’s falling in love with me. At that moment I wouldn’t care what he asked me to do, I would do it. Not because of mine and Stefan’s plan, because I want to. I would do anything for this man. What I don’t understand is how the hell is he controlling me? Am I under a drug, and the plant stops it? I laughed at my silly thoughts. I need to see him again, to smell his sweet scent, to kiss him, to touch him.

My phone buzzed, I answered in hope it was him “Hey” I smiled. “Where the fuck are you?” my heart stopped, realising it was my mother. “Nowhere” I said dryly. “People are starting to think I look bad, you need to get your fucking ass home right now” She shouted. I winced at the familiar tone. Everything in my life is going wrong. “Well you should have thought about that before you kicked me out, now fuck off” I chucked my phone at the wall breaking it in half. I didn’t care anymore, because literally nothing did matter anymore. Not because Damon told me, because that’s everything I felt inside and no one can control that. The funny thing is I had no idea where to go. I only wanted to go to him, I sat on the grass in the field Stefan took me and put my hoodie over my head blinding me. I couldn’t stop the stream of tears running down my face. Hours passed and I remained in the same position, I didn’t care about being cold. I felt someone sit beside me, wrapping their arm around my shoulder. I pulled the hoodie from my face and saw Damon sitting beside me. “Hey” I tried my best to smile, but tears carried on falling. Damon shook his head “Please don’t cry Elena, I hate seeing you sad”. I wasn’t sure if this was an order I had to follow, but whether it was or wasn’t the tears wouldn’t stop falling. He placed his hands on either side of my face, pushing his forehead to mine. I closed my eyes savouring the touch. “I miss you” I whispered. His eyes closed “Me too”. His lips were on mine, gentle turning into a sudden force. He needed more, we both did. Our tongues intertwined, his hands pulling me closer. God I needed this. Then everything stopped, and my sadness came back punching me in the gut. “Forget this kiss Elena” Oh no how am I ament to act like I’ve forgotten a kiss from him, I can’t. Come on, I spent last year acting like someone I am not, I can do this for us. But what am I ament to say, I decided to carry on our conversation on from before maybe that should work. “How have you been Damon?” He smiled, whether it was because he believed me I will never know. “Not very good, I want you.” Those 3 words piercing through me, he wants me. “But you can’t have me right?” I said sarcastically. He smiled “Things seem to be working out, so maybe…” I smiled, he believed me! Maybe this is a good time to ask his secret? “Damon, please tell me your secret?” He shook his head. Damn. “It’s not the right time Elena” it never is with you. “When is the right time?” he smiled “Soon”. Damon Salvatore has made me hate that fucking word. “Come” I instantly followed him, he led me into his house. I looked out for Stefan but he was no longer there, where is he? He led me up the stairs into his room. As soon as we entered he was on me, kissing me, touching me. I couldn’t breathe, I took the opportunity and pulled his t-shirt over his head. Maybe he will have sex with me? I started to undo his jeans, but he shook his head. “When are you going to learn Elena? You will not have sex with me, unless told otherwise” Great so now I can’t do anything to seduce him fuck sake. I nodded and carried on kissing him. He took off my top and undid my bra, cupping my breasts with his bare hands. I groaned, he undid my jeans pulling them off along with my pants. “I miss you wearing my boxers” he frowned. To be honest so did I, he threw me on to the bed, kissing my stomach. I shrieked as he was licking me down my body, down there. The pleasure was unbearable I moaned, as the pleasure got stronger. The feeling built up inside of me, waiting to let go. 5 seconds later I exploded, my breathing slowing down. He was now on top of me kissing my neck, “I’ve missed you so much Elena” I closed my eyes, he doesn’t know how much this means to me. “I love you” I whispered and regretted as soon as those three words came from my mouth. What the fuck am I doing!? He looked at me stunned, not knowing what to say. Oh god, can’t he just tell me to forget it? So we can both move on after my embarrassing confession. But he didn’t, he let me remember it, god knows why. Instead he kissed me, harder than before. “You don’t mean that, you can’t possibly”. He can tell me to do anything, but not tell me how I feel. “I do” he shook his head. “I planned to do this later, but I can’t do this anymore Elena, not to me, not to you. It isn’t fair” Maybe he won’t try and make me forget? “You need to come with me, get dressed” Oh shit this is it.

I followed him into the field that I seem to be spending a lot of time in. We stood in the middle staring at each other. I tried to control my breathing, was he finally going to tell me his secret? “Elena, first things first sit down” Sit down? What why? I sat down immediately not wanting to blow my chance of finding out. He smiled “Touch your head” I touched my head. “Tell me your darkest secret” Oh no, I thought of all my secrets, I have to tell him, it’s the only way. “When I was 14 my mum pushed me down the stairs breaking my arm and leg, she blamed it on my brother, who we never mention Jeremy, and he is now in prison for child abuse”. My head bowed down, to this very day I am disgusted with myself and my mother. How could she do this to her son? “Shit Elena” I nodded. “Stand up” I stood up. “You want to know my secret” I nodded eagerly please let this be it. “Don’t run when I tell you please, I will make you forget okay?” I tilted my head. “What if I don’t want to forget” maybe this could be easier than I thought. “You have to Elena” Maybe not. “The reason we can’t be together, is that, I’m a vampire” I almost burst out laughing. This is the secret he’s a vampire? What a fucking joke. “You don’t believe me?” Can he read my thoughts? Then it all came back to me, the reason he never eats, the reason he is so pale, so withdrawn. But no vampires don’t exist do they? I shook my head, no they don’t, is this one of his jokes. “Are you joking?” He smirked “I’m afraid not”. “Prove it” A demand I regretted. His eyes turned black, filled with darkness. His teeth so sharp. He gestured me to hold out my arm, oh no. I did as I was told. He sunk his teeth into my arm, it hurt a lot, but it felt good? I closed my eyes. Only to open them to him staring at me. I looked down at my arm a dark bite mark. “I kill people Elena, I don’t care about them. I drain the blood from innocent people, and I love it”. My whole body froze, he kills people? Innocent people? What! “Then you came along, so beautiful, so kind, so sweet and gentle. I knew I was bad for you but I couldn’t help myself, you were too irresistible. But I would never hurt you, at least not physically.”  I couldn’t absorb this information, I was stuck on him killing people. How could someone do that? Choose to live like that? There must be a reason he is like this. Maybe I could stop him? But then I remembered our conversation in the café he can’t have both, it’s either me or his lifestyle. This cannot be happening. “Elena, say something” “Why do you do it?” Was the only thing I could think of. “Because it gives me joy, it feels the emptiness in me”. I didn’t understand, I needed time to think about this, time that he wouldn’t give me. “What about Stefan?” He smiled “Stefan is the good vampire, he only drinks animal blood” “Why won’t you?” He smiled “Because it’s disgusting” der… “Oh” I couldn’t speak I didn’t know what to say. So many emotions filling up inside of me. “I want you to forget about me Elena” “No” I shouted. But he carried on, I made sure I still had the bracelet. “Live your life how you want to, don’t put up with people telling you what to do…” ironic. “Forget this conversation, forget all of our nights together, every kiss, every touch” Then he was gone, leaving me alone in the field. I couldn’t breathe, what is happening? How is he a vampire? I looked at my wrist, the bracelet. If I took this off, I would forget about everything, no longer feel the pain I’m feeling. But I don’t want to forget, he brought life back into me. He made life better. But he kills people, I can’t just let that go. What happens now? If I tell him I was wearing a bracelet he will just compel me again. Stefan came from behind me “I can’t believe he actually did it” I started to cry again. “What are you most upset about Elena?” “He left me” I know him being a vampire should be the top of the list, but it isn’t at this moment I couldn’t care whether he was a vampire or even a werewolf. He was Damon, and I loved him.

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