Forbidden love

Nothing is ever as simple as falling in love with someone and living happily ever after. At least not in Elena's case. Struggling with her uncaring mother, she turns to Damon, desperate for someone to talk to. Infactuated by the mysteriousness and chaos that surrounds him, they embark on a relationship that neither of them thought was possible.


1. Chapter 1

Diamonds - Rihanna came from Elena's phone.
I groaned as I realised it was time to get up, I rolled over and reached for my phone cancelling my alarm. Today was my first day back at East High. I need a new start, not another repeat of last year, i'm in desperate need of something exciting to happen. I poked my feet out from under my duvet, the coldness hovered over my toes as it spread throughout my body. I got out of bed and opened my curtains, I sighed realising the weather. I opened my closet reaching out for my thickest wooly jumper, a pair of skinny jeans, underwear and a bra. I quickly showered and changed. I turned on some music to keep me motivated. 'Do it like a dude' began to play on the radio. My hips swayed along simultaneously, I started to sing along when I heard my mum shouting from downstairs. 'Elena! Get your ass out of bed, I mean it or i'm coming up with a glass of water'. I groaned at the tone of my mums voice, I cannot be dealing with one of her bad moods. I shuddered at my last memory of one of her bad moods. My left cheek suffered as a result.

I ran down the stairs tripping over a pair of shoes, bashing into the nearest wall. "Fuck!" I screamed as I fell to the ground. My mum came running over to me shouting swear words as if they were her first language. "You stupid bitch, watch where the fuck you're going, you are useless". I blocked out the words as I felt a sharp pain run down my spine. Tears sprang to my eyes, not daring to fall infront of her. "I'm fine". Not like she cared but I felt like I needed to reassure her, forever hoping for her to turn into the caring mother she used to be. Ever since my dad died she changed, nothing else mattered but his death. A year later to this day we cannot mention his name. She walked around pretending everything was normal and happy, but everyone knew it was far from it. I held on to the radiator as I pulled myself up, ignoring the sharp pain in my back I stumbled to the kitchen table picking up a piece of toast. I looked up at the clock, 8.45am. Crap what a good way to start the year by being late. I sighed picking up my bag making my way to the door. "Where the fuck do you think you're going? Clean up the mess you made". She walked off to the kitchen muttering under her breath 'stupid useless bitch'. Only she would make me clean the mess I made from falling, I laughed to myself. I should walk off and leave it for her to clean up. An unwelcome thought came into my head which I forgot instantly. I walked over to the mess I created and piled everything up neatly. I smiled once satisfied, unfortunatley this won't be good enough for her, but this morning i'm feeling brave and decided to leave it.

I open the front door and slam it shut letting her know I have left. I put my earphones in and blocked out the rest of the world. Mockingbird - Eminem, blast through my ears. At this point I didn't care what time it was, or how late I would be. I sat down on the nearest bench and closed my eyes absorbing the pain, I need to go to the hospital! But what would I say? I fell down the stairs. Yes that may be true, but they all know me personally by the amount of visits they've had from me. Will they believe me this time? Enough of feeling sorry for myself, I got off the bench and made my way to school. 10.50am. Shit shit shit! How did I manage to be this late? Luckily it was break time, so I managed to avoid the awkward walk into the classroom. Various shouts came from behind me calling my name, I turned to see Caroline, Bonnie and Tyler. I smiled widley at them. "Where have you been?" I flushed as I worked out a lie I could tell "Erm I woke up late". Caroline smacked me gentley on the arm. "Only you would on the first day back". They all laughed and I laughed too pretending to find it funny. "This means you haven't seen Damon yet!" I looked at her curious and confused. "Damon?". She looked at me, her cheeks turning the shade of red "Yes the new guy, hot doesn't even cover it". Her and bonnie began clapping their hands at the mention of him. This irritated me, instantly disliking him. I waved at them, and walked off to collect my timetable for the year.

The warmth hit me as I walked through the door. I knew from that moment I was never leaving this office. I strolled over to the reception desk, waiting behind a guy. I studied the back of his head, then his back. My eyes dared not to look any lower. Fortunatley he turned around and stared at me with his piercing eyes. I noticed the paleness of his skin, his dark hair flowing over the right side of his face, his pink lips.. I shook my head, a smile creeped over his face, like he was enjoying a personal joke with himself. "Hi, i'm Damon". He reached out his arm offereing me to shake his hand. I stared down at his hand, whilst uncrossing my arms and shook it. As soon as our skin touched, electrical impulses volted through my body. Ignoring all feelings that I have just encountered, I then realised why Bonnie and Caroline was acting so strangley I decided to speak. "Elena". His smile grew wider. "Very nice to meet you" So polite, something seems... off. I smiled back at him and unwillingly removed my hand from his. "Can I help you?" an old women asked me breaking me away from his stare. I moved to his side, and asked her for my timetable. She handed it over to me and smiled. What is with everyone today? So happy its unnerving. My phone buzzed making me jump, I answered it without looking who it is. "What?" I said slightly aggitated. "In what life do you think it is fucking acceptable for you to talk to me like that?" I winced at the sound of her voice. "Sorry" I said without a hint of emotion behind it. "Why didn't you fucking clean up your mess like I asked? Is it that hard to listen to your own fucking mother?". I sighed knowing there was no way I was going to win. "Yeah I tried, I just didn't want to be late". I can't even express my hate towards that women, I need to leave this shitty town. "It's the least you could do, after scaring me to death by falling down the stairs". I smiled "Please, don't act for a second like you cared, now I have to go, see you when I get home" I said sarcastically, I cut her off mid sentance. I turned to see Damon staring at me, did he just hear all of that? I began to walk off when I felt a hand wrap round my arm stopping me. "Are you okay?" He looked genuinally worried, but of course he doesn't care, no one does. "Yeah i'm fine" He continued to stare at me waiting for an honest answer. I sighed defeated "It's just my back", I closed my eyes processing the continued pain. He pulled me towards him, close enough so I could smell his scent mmmm... "Let me look" gesturing me to turn around. I paused for a second, then decided to turn. He pulled up the back of my jumper, allowing him access to my back. I froze as his hand glided over my back. My heart rate accelerated, my cheeks flushing. He pressed a spot on my back causing me to yelp. "Sorry" He removed his hand, and lifted the back of my jumper back over my back. I turned to face him. "It looks sore, badly bruised" He frowns. "Do you need to go to the hospital?" Horror struck me, what no I can't go there? Realising my reaction he pressed his hand on my shoulder. "It's okay, breathe, we don't need to go now, but if it gets worse please let me know okay?" We... What does he mean by we!? I smiled at him "Thanks, I will" He took my timetable from my hands, and returned the smile. "Great we have next period together, lets go". So demanding, so hot... I followed him eagery, taken by his charm and kindness.

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