Give Me Love

This is a Larry Stylinson fanfic. I am a total larry shipper and if you don't ship larry then don't read this because there will be a lot of feels and touching and sexual scenes. Please no hate, if you don't ship larry then dON'T READ THIS pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.


1. The Present

*Louis' POV*

As he lay there, staring back at me, I thought back to all our adventures we'd had together. All the ups and downs, the good and the bad. Just by looking in his eyes, I could tell he was remembering everything too. I knew we wouldn't have much more time left together and while the thought didn't make me happy, it didn't exactly make me sad. We had an amazing life together and I was proud of all that we had done. I loved this boy more than life it's self and i know he loved me just the same.

We continued to just look at each other, me trying to remember every minute detail or his perfect face and him, just enjoying our last few moments together. I stayed right there by his side until the very end. The last words that left his mouth were "I love you" and there was so much meaning behind the three simple words. Once those words were spoken, he closed his eyes and, with a smile on his face, drifted off into a never ending sleep. I promised him and myself that I would not cry, but a few silent tears rolled down my cheeks. I didn't let go of his hand until the nurses came into cover his body and take me away. I had a bunch of paperwork to do for his funeral and burial. So I left the hospital and made my way home through the rain. When I arrived at what had been our flat, I put the keys away, took off my shoes and coat and decided that the paperwork could wait until another time. I sat down in his favorite recliner and picked up the leather bound book on the end table that had the sticky note on it, saying "Do Not Read Until I'm Gone. I love you, stay strong for me -love Haz xx" He had worked on this for days, sometimes even working until the middle of the night. When he had been told that he didn't have much longer by the doctors, he started to work on this right away, not telling me what it was. I opened the book to realize that it was our story. For me to remember him by. I smiled and unsuccessfully tried to hold back tears. This was one of the last things I had of us, of One Direction. I opened the book and started my journey back through the memories.  





(A/N) Hi so I deleted the prologue cause I decided to change how the story was going. I might be publishing more tonight, i don't really know. But I will write cause tomorrow I have HSAP testing which is like 2 hours no matter how fast you finish. (HSAP is the high school exit exam, you have to take it and pass to graduate, just in case you didn't know) So I'll hopefully be writing either this, or Give Me Love (the Louis fanfic) or Hate To Love You (the sequel to I'm In Love With You) 

I don't know how much more I'm going to write tonight though :P

anyways some feedback about this would be great, but remember some parts of this story may be offensive to some people because it is about a gay relationship. 

There will be some smut (mature scenes) and there will be a warning on the chapter title.

I almost cried writing this, js


my thoughts and prayers go out to the people who were injured and killed today in Boston and Iraq. I hope everyone stays safe. 

i love you all <3

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