Severed Nerve

Just how it feels when youve found out you've been cheated on...


1. Severed Nerve

You guard yourself behind your shield of lies
As the force of truth and deceit finally collides
An opaque mirror, unexpected to spy through
Though it's crystal clear, from clue to clue

A jigsaw finally pieced into place
Like shards of glass they cut my pace
To cloud judgement and fear trust
To give me an answer, that you must

Truth is all you owe to me
That I gave you honestly
Disappointment searches my soul
Let down, you left a hole

Screaming, yearning for an explanation
Just a case of worthless flirtation
Like poker chips thrown on a table
Another meaningless gamble taken

Unexpected, unforeseen hypothesis
To go through this again was not my prerogative 
Especially from you when you fought for me so hard
This was not supposed to be in my pack of cards

To get angry is never the solution
To get even is the revengeful resolution
But too much pain would be invested
From your actions my patience was tested 

Disturbed, like a calm river by a storm
You're the hurricane in my form
A butchering sadistic you I hate 
A knife about to divide my fate

What goes around comes around is what they say
Satisfaction in watching your heart one day decay
I hope she kills you like you deserve
Struggling like a severed nerve
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