The Life of Mangolia Marie Alexander

Was Mangolia really kissed? or wasnt she? Is she really graduating? Or is fake? Find out it the never befor eread story. The Life Of Mangolia Marie Alexander!


2. Pre-School Sucks

"Mangolia wake up now your going to be late for your first day of Pre-school," my mother spoke angry like.

"Ugh im awake," I trudge my way out of bed.

I only live across tyhe street from my school. She woke me up a half a hour before we had to be there. but today I have only ten minneuts. I was slouching at the kitchen table devouring my Lucky Charms. Zoomed across the living back to my room and got ready.

Todayt i kind of felt like I would wear my bright florecent green overals. It was cold so i slipped a hot pink turtle neck on, and tucked it in the overalls. This happend to be my favriot outfit ever. Fastly I buckled my DOra the Explorer shoes, grabbed my Scooby Doo backpack and was out the door. I headed my way across the road.

All alone in the back of the cafiteria I sat at the round table waiting to be dissmissed to the most amazing teacher ever. Mrs. Oreo, like the cookie, i loved oreo cookies. I loved her more than the cookies though.


The bell echoed across the dark scary halls. I have only been down these halls once..... with my mom though. Dark blue paint , with a white stripe across coverd the walls. Entering Mrs. Oreos class was like the sunrise in the morning. Her room was bright. It had butterflys, firetrucks, and the alphabet posted acroos the walls. There was a rug in the middle of her room with the color wheel.  In there you could actually breath and not feel sufficated. As for the hallways that could never change. We had cubby holes with are name pasted above them. Mine was in orange.

"Now class im very happy to here about your guys's summer. Who to pick??? hmmmmm how about Mrs.Abigal," she asked.

Turns out Abigal was a snob and stuck up. Abigal dragged on for what seemed to be hours. Person after person shared untin finally it was me. I hated talking infront of crouds I couldnt do it. All forty eaight eyes peered at me, until finally I curlled up in a ball and started to cry. Mrs. Oreo was mad because i didnt share and that right there mad me supper sad. I bet to this day she still hates me. Soon the bell ran gfor lunch.

We enterd the cafitera and gatherd our lunch. My mac and cheese was slimy and my milk was chunck. I went to the garbage and through my lunch away. Twenty minneuts later we headed back to out class room. After a few hours it was time to leave and go home. What I didnt understand was why couldnt I just walk across the rode to my house and get lunch, stupid Marabell Elementary in Arizona  and there stupid rules. I slugged in my chair, stomach quenching, and just waited till it was time to leave.


The bell rang and I zoomed across the rode to get home. I dint eve obther to say good bye to Mrs. Oreo. Busting through the door screaming.....

"Mom in starving"

"Didnt you eat lunch at school sweetie?"

Glaring at here i spoke with an attitude" If you saw what we had for lunch you would be starving to."

"Well hoe does pb and j sound?"


 I darted to my room to change. Yanking my Barbie princess feetie pjs out, and ripping off my overalls. I gently slipped them on and ran to the kitchen table. As like this morning i scarffed my food down, jumped over the back of  the couch. I dosed of into a deep; deep slumber.

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