The Life of Mangolia Marie Alexander

Was Mangolia really kissed? or wasnt she? Is she really graduating? Or is fake? Find out it the never befor eread story. The Life Of Mangolia Marie Alexander!


1. The Beggining

There we were, where i have no particular idea. There were no car sounds, in fact there were no sounds at all. The freash smell of trees stunned my nose. I opend my eyes and saw what was not a feild of dead grass, but a feild filled of roses.

I looked at Chandler and he smiled back at me sweetly. I couldnt beleive it I Mangolia Marie Akexander has been kissed by the most amazing, populart, and coolest kid in school. My mind drew a blank all I could think aboutwas how much I had changed from the past till now.

Tommarow I will be giving my validictorian speech. Gone forever. I will no longer be a kid, on my way to Harvard Law. Soon I will have my own buisness. Parents are right it feels like yesterday I was in Pre-school and tomarrow im graduating. Lets start from then till now and scroll through my out of this world life. At parts it may seem like a fairy tale but my life is filled with unexcpected. cuincidental events that may or may not schock you.

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