Follow Your Heart

Have you ever heard the saying 'Follow your heart'? This story is all about it. Taylor Swift is just an ordinary college girl. She's trying to find herself and clear a path in her mind to take her to a good future. And who knows the best way to a good future better than the heart itself? With a study schedule she has to follow, some parties on the weekend and lessons, she doesn't have time for a love life. She tried once and twice, then decided to call it quits since her heart got broken too many times. One night, when the Love Spirit visits her, she learns that she should give love a third try. Since the saying 'Third times a charm' could possibly happen. So will Taylor ever learn the secrets of love and give it another try? Or will the Love Spirit's lessons not teach anything?


2. Day At The Park

I woke up on Sunday morning, I opened up my blinds. It was a sunny day outside, but it was very windy. I could tell winter was coming soon, because of the frost out on the campus grounds. I went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth then I saw a note from my roommate. It said: Dear Roomie, I'm going to work full time today because the restaurant is really busy. I'll be back home by 8:00. I'll bring back some chinese for us to eat. You should pick out a movie for us to watch since it's Sunday. Thanks!! See ya later. -Your roomie, HANNAxx

Yes Hanna is pretty girly, but very smart and nice. Since she's gone I'm going to be bored, so I should go somewhere. I decided to go to the park and study for the exam coming up on Tuesday. I took a shower then changed into an oversized grey and white thick striped tee, black leggings, boots with fur on the top, a black cardigan and a big fall jacket thet reached the top of my knees. I blow dried my hair then walked out of my dorm. 

I walked out on to campus holding a latte in my hand and my phone in the other. I was about to walk out of the campus grounds until Danny approached me. He was everybody's favourite guy at Princeton. He's handsome, strong, smart, nice, funny, generous and romantic. I admit, I kind of like him, but he'll never like me. "Hi Taylor." Danny said. "Hey" "I was wondering if you want to join the decorating committee to help decorate the school dance." "Sure" "Great, here's the sign up sheet" I signed the sheet. "Ok, so the days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:50 and Thursday and Friday at 4:50. All of the dates end at 8:00." he explained "Ok, I'll probably have to skip Monday though, 'cause I'll be studying for my exam." I told him. "That's all right. Your taking a course in Italian studies?" he asked. "Yeah, the exam is on Tuesday." I said. "Well, good luck." Danny smiled. He left.


I walked out of campus grounds and turned around a blew a kiss with my two fingers to the building. It's a tradition I do. I believe that, I now live at Princeton and one day I will leave. It's a great University and it's my home away from home. When I graduate I will visit it everyday, so I can thank it, praise it and love it. You should always thank something or someone that has helped you through life. And Princeton did that for me. As well as my family and friends. 


I walked over to the park and sat on a bench. I know I was supposed to study, but I was confused. When Danny came over, he was staring at me, right in the eye. It's strange because he was staring at me unlike anybody else. People usually stare at me when I'm saying something, did something embarrassing or mean. Usually it's a glare. But Danny, he stared at me differently. It was soft, romantic and- oh. I think he likes me. That's just crazy though. How would he like me? He's so different, well not completely different. I just don't understand... 


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