Follow Your Heart

Have you ever heard the saying 'Follow your heart'? This story is all about it. Taylor Swift is just an ordinary college girl. She's trying to find herself and clear a path in her mind to take her to a good future. And who knows the best way to a good future better than the heart itself? With a study schedule she has to follow, some parties on the weekend and lessons, she doesn't have time for a love life. She tried once and twice, then decided to call it quits since her heart got broken too many times. One night, when the Love Spirit visits her, she learns that she should give love a third try. Since the saying 'Third times a charm' could possibly happen. So will Taylor ever learn the secrets of love and give it another try? Or will the Love Spirit's lessons not teach anything?


1. Saturday Night

Taylor Stacy

Taylor's POV

To Tay:Ready for the party?

To: superstacy: Not yet, let's take a cab ride there, k?

To Tay: kk, but hurry up. I'll call the cab

To: superstacy: kk, thx!!


We're going to a party this Saturday Night at my cousins apartment. I go to Princeton University. I had to prepare quickly so I put my iPhone 5 down on the couch. I went to my room and changed into: blue one shoulder dress, nude heels, a fur vest and a black leahter jacket. I did my nails matte black and glossy black details. I applied makeup and created a smokey eye. I t looked like this

I put my hair in my signature curls. Parts curly, parts wavy, underneath is straight hair. I went out to the couch and grabbed my phone, some money, and lipgloss. I stuffed all of it into my nude clutch. I walked out and saw a cab waiting for me. "Hey!" Stacy said. She was wearing

We made it to my cousins house in ten minutes. We walked into the house and it was full of people. I found my cousin in the kitchen. We talked, had fun, then I went back to Princeton with Stacy. 

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know it's boring, but I just got lazy. 


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